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Al Nahrain Deliver to Several Destinations in Iraq

31st May 2018

Al Nahrain Deliver to Several Destinations in Iraq
Al Nahrain Deliver to Several Destinations in Iraq

Al Nahrain Group (members in Jordan and Iraq) have delivered 21 packages of construction materials and equipment to several destinations in Iraq for a support project supplied from the European Union for a contract with the Ministry of Construction & Housing (M.O.C.H.) and the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works.

Al Nahrain's scope of work involved 2 stages:

  • Once the cargo arrived at Umm Qasr Port (UMQ), the handling, shifting, de-stuffing and clearance.
  • Cargo delivery to 8 destinations in Iraq - Basra, Karbala, Baghdad (Al-Salheyah area and Al-Jazeerah area), Amara, Al-Naseriyah, Muthana and Sulimaniyah.

During customs clearance at UMQ, the shipment required special approval from several parties such as the Ministry of Communications, Iraqi Media Department and Iraqi Intelligence Departments. An Al Nahrain spokesperson comments; "We also arranged the needed permissions for the Committee of Supervision as nominated by the European Union, to inter UMQ, where our Basra Manager, Capt. Ayad accompanied them to survey and inspect the shipment on-the-spot and the results were excellent. After the completion of the customs clearance formalities and the solving of a tax exemption letter issue, our trucks were ready to load the complete shipment of 21 packages on 3 truck trailers, to be delivered to the 8 locations. The convoy was escorted by armed patrols for safety purposes and all packages were delivered safe, damage free and on time."