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C Logistics Solutions & Schryver Handle Disassembled 'Canti-Traveller'

15th November 2017

C Logistics Solutions (members in the Dominican Republic) have recently combined with their PCN partner, Schryver del Ecuador to handle a disassembled 'canti-traveller' at 650mt / 2,000m3.

Alex Booth of C Logistics Solutions explains; "What is a canti-travel? Well, some of our team didn't know either! But thanks to some serious surfing with Google, we found it is basically a structure for piledriving the support columns of a pier (which we also handled from under hook to the job site) and the laying of pier's cement floor."

The scope of work included:

  • Classifying, sorting & preparing the cargo for shipment at the Punta Catalina Thermoelectric Project site in the Dominican Republic;
  • Loading, stowage, counting, lashing & securing of 35 x 40'FRs & OTs and delivery to the port of embarkation in the Dominican Republic;
  • Receiving the cargo at Guayaquil in Ecuador, customs clearance and delivery to the DP World Multi-Purpose Port Project at Posorja being constructed by the China Harbour Engineer Company (CHEC).

Alex continues; "What was estimated to be a 2-week job was severely impaired due to the arrivals of hurricanes Irma and Maria, which interrupted our operations and put us back extensively, not only due to the storms but also the muddy ground conditions after their passing and the subsequent tropical rain storms caused some days when it was impossible to work. Thus, the job took over a month!"

"To make things even more 'interesting', as neither the shipper nor the consignee knew the weights or dimensions of the cargo with any exactitude, we had to physically measure the pieces to confirm they came within container configurations and employ an oxyethylene crew to cut the OOG pieces to size. Weight was also a challenge as there were pieces ranging between 18-24mtns so in order to meet the road weight restrictions in Ecuador, we limited our container loadings."

"As part of the same canti-traveller project, we also supervised the return loading and shipping to Brazil of the 33mt hydraulic jack hammer and its ancillary equipment & systems."