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Great Cooperation with Anker Logistica Colombia & LEMAN USA

29th October 2019

Great Cooperation with Anker Logistica Colombia & LEMAN USA
Great Cooperation with Anker Logistica Colombia & LEMAN USA

Members in Colombia, Anker Logistica y Carga are very pleased with their continuing working relationship with fellow member in the USA, LEMAN.

Andrea Manrique at Anker Logistica explains; "Our company and LEMAN have been working for more than 3 years with these projects and we have developed one of the most organized and symbiotic relationships. With our great communication, we know the shippers and consignees needs and we can translate these very clearly into the logistics world in the USA and Colombia. We also have great allies like carriers, terminals and trucking companies to make their very best efforts in bringing the cargo to its final destination."

"During 2019, we have made two shipments, each with a total of 42 flexsteel coils and their accessories (as photographed in the gallery below). These coils are created to be the most efficient and high-quality way to transport gas and oil for any field resources and give excellent results to scouting companies. They are for one of the most powerful and advanced projects in Colombia using high-quality products and first class technology.

Once the cargo arrives at the terminal in Houston, we unload the coils for the surveyor processes to check the entire cargo status and confirm they are ready to be loaded onto the vessel. One the biggest challenges during these shipments is the fixed origin procedures to pick up the entire cargo at the same time. The shipper is one of the biggest in the Houston area and they have more than 100 truckers waiting at the beginning of the day. Once we have fixed the vessel's arrival into port, we can load just one coil per truck so for 42 coils (we usually pick up 70 coils per shipment), it is a big task for coordination and accurate logistics processes to complete the loading.

The most frequent way to load the cargo for a more efficient destination procedure is always loading the cargo on the first vessel deck as this allows for a faster unloading process bearing in mind that Colombian terminals have very expensive charges and require short times to complete all processes. So, for every shipment, we carefully confirm that the carrier has this space on the right vessel to transport the cargo.

If the origin process were a real challenge, the destination procedures are even more unpredictable with hard conditions because Colombian terminals are not as advanced and developed for this kind of project cargo. However, with our experience, when the cargo arrives in Colombia, we smoothly coordinate with different terminals and personnel for the unloading process, as well as arranging all cranes and machinery needed to transfer the cargo to trucks while the customs processes are completed and the cargo can begin the journey to the final destination.

For this particular shipment, the cargo was delivered at origin just with four days before cut off but our partners at LEMAN made extra efforts to complete within time. They got extra time with the terminal for the cargo to arrive, make the surveyor origin processes, and load the cargo on the vessel, all almost simultaneously. Then, after the booking confirmation was confirmed for a terminal in Colombia and in the middle of transit time, we had to change the unloading port because the original destination had 5 bulk carriers trying to unload and we couldn't get the right window so we changed the destination and moved entire the logistics process so we could manage the unloading process on time. After we got the customs green light, we began to transfer the cargo to the final destination point but as the coils were bigger than the height allowed to transit on Colombian highways, we had to recalculate another route to make the delivery."

Overcoming all these situations with very good cooperation, high-quality communication and excellent customer service, Anker Logistica and LEMAN have come together to make another set of shipments for the project a complete success.