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Scandinavian Express Perform Impressive Transport of Mega Oversized Load

3rd November 2016

Scandinavian Express Perform Impressive Transport of Mega Oversized Load
Scandinavian Express Perform Impressive Transport of Mega Oversized Load

Scandinavian Express are PCN members in Poland and have recently performed the incredible transport of a ship-to-shore crane boom being the longest oversize load ever transported in the Pomeranian District. The transportation was completed on Sunday 30th October and the dimensions including the truck and trailer reached 50m long and 5.88m wide.

Even though the road travelled was only 5km long, the transport of the 70tn steel element took nearly 3 hours and part of the road even had to be driven backwards. Waldemar Pomian, Manager of the Oversize Loads Department at Scandinavian Express, continues; "When we plan the transport of such big elements, the most demanding part is the detailed schedule of each section of the road to verify whether it is possible for the trailer to pass the planned route. In this situation, we had to move backwards on the part of the highway linking the Port of Gdynia to the Tricity Beltway and therefore A1 Motorway".

The successful movement of this mega oversized load was only possible thanks to the precision, expertise and experience of Scandinavian Express and all parties taking part in the project. Roman Jakubik, Pilot & Oversize Loads Consultant at Scandinavian Express, concludes; "The stress of such a huge transport can be giant but when we start these challenging operations, nothing else matters. We all know exactly what to do, but still we fear that something may go wrong. However, all parties were pleased with a well-performed job."

The boom part of the ship-to-shore crane is one of four produced by Vistal Offshore for a German client and the part transported by Scandinavian Express was the biggest of the four.

Please click the gallery below for photos of the impressive load on its journey. Scandinavian Express specialises in the freight forwarding and transport of oversize cargo, LTL goods and full truck loads.