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Welcoming OIA Global Logistica as New Members in Brazil

4th June 2019

Welcoming OIA Global Logistica as New Members in Brazil
Welcoming OIA Global Logistica as New Members in Brazil

We are pleased to welcome OIA Global Logistica Ltda as new members in Brazil. They come recommended by current members with headquarters in Sao Paulo and a branch in Porto Alegre. Dedicated to a wide range of project logistics services and industries, the company have a top focus on renewable energy and the wind, hydro and solar markets. Alexandre Destro (Country Manager) says; "We are pleased to expand our network of reliable project partners through PCN. There is a big market in Brazil for projects especially in the renewable energy market."

A client of OIA, a global manufacturer of specialised oilfield equipment and services who supplies some of the tallest flexible reel pipes in the world, recently asked them to deliver these huge reels at the Brazilian port of Vitoria. The full reel charter shipments for a top customer company were from Newcastle in the UK to Vitoria in Brazil. A total of 11 massive reels (each up to 250mtns as photographed) were shipped and showed the expertise of OIA as it involved a lot of behind-the-scenes studies on the technical aspects of the cargo, the sea-fastening and safety as well as close collaborations to ensure the documentation was accurate and compliant. A great result for OIA which builds upon their relationship with the customer.

Alexandre explains; "One of the challenges faced was that the reels cannot be unloaded at Victoria Port terminal due to specific customs clearance operations and requirements, so as per the customer's request, the solution was to discharge the units using a floating crane. The customer engaged OIA to support with the ocean charter that could lift the reels with a single hook lift. Considering that each reel has an average weight of 250mtns, there was only one ship available in the market that could meet these requirements on the dates specified. Upon selection, it was critical that detailed plans were made to ensure that the lifting, stowage, lashing and securing were properly done to ensure that the reels travelled safely to their final destination."

OIA's solutions included:

  • Transportation Management
  • Project Cargo
  • Technical Planning
  • Specialised Logistics Equipment
  • Customs & Documentation Support

The very long timeline of this project required the customer to select a logistics partner that could participate in the project from the first minute of planning until completion. This required a great deal of dedication as well as attention to detail and knowledge of the customer's internal organization. The OIA team provided the consistency and continuity needed for a project of this size. The strong partnership with the customer enabled OIA to concentrate on the other technical challenges of this big lift cargo.