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Raising funds for the EDPD Project in Costa Rica

During the registration for our 2018 Annual Summit, we are raising funds for EDPD - Education about Diabetes by People with Diabetes, founded by Paula Chinchilla.

Paula Chinchilla from Costa Rica has lived with Type 1 Diabetes since the age of 4 and some of her biggest challenges came during her time at school where the lack of understanding of her condition nearly had grave consequences. It is important for teachers, students and even work colleagues to understand and recognize hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia. It could save a life.

Today, Paula is a relentless advocate in supporting others living with diabetes and aims to raise awareness all around Costa Rica, furthermore taking studies to become a nutritionist.

With her empowering friends Daniela and Manfred, they have reached many schools and work places to share as much information on diabetes with their initiative ‘EDPD’ - Education about Diabetes by People with Diabetes.

This initiative was chosen for our 2018 fundraising as it is close to the heart of PCN President/CEO, Rachel Humphrey, who's youngest son, George (now 16) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in October 2010. Rachel says "Paula and EDPD are carrying out fantastic work in raising awareness of type 1 diabetes in Costa Rica. As well as helping people to understand the condition, it is also important that they can continue to spread general awareness of the symptoms. Undiagnosed type 1 diabetes can be fatal - around 1 in 4 people that are diagnosed receive their diagnosis after a very dangerous condition called diabetic ketoacidosis has developed, which can become life threatening if it is not treated immediately.”

The funds raised will go towards printing education booklets, their Youth Diabetes Camp and contribute towards expanding the project to public and private healthcare centers, together with the Health Ministry of Costa Rica.

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