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Our PCN network partners

Country Member Company
Afghanistan Goodrich Logistics Private Limited
Angola Pinto Basto
Argentina Centauro
Argentina RUCA Logistics S.A.
Argentina Shipway SA
Australia CMX Global Logistics
Australia EFM Management Australia
Australia Freightplus (Australia) Pty Ltd
Australia Sadleirs Global Logistics
Australia Spark Global Logistics Pty Ltd
Austria ACS Logistics GmbH & Co KG
Austria Gebrüder Weiss GmbH
Azerbaijan RETEMS Logistics LLC
Bahrain Consolidated Shipping Services W.L.L. (CSS)
Bahrain Phoenix Shipping W.L.L.
Bangladesh Conveyor Logistics Ltd
Bangladesh SafeSea Bangladesh Ltd
Bangladesh The Bengal Electric Ltd
Belgium ABL NV
Belgium Europe Cargo bvba
Belgium Wirtz Shipping & Co NV
Benin OMA Logistics Benin
Bosnia and Herzegovina Delta Transportni Sistem (DTS)
Brazil CTO Global Logistics
Brazil DC Logistics Brasil
Brazil Double Star Logistics do Brasil Ltda
Brazil Hansa Meyer Global Transportes Internacionais Ltda.
Brazil Speak Logistics Transportes Internacionais Ltda
Bulgaria STM Group Ltd
Bulgaria TEU Bulgaria LLC
Bulgaria TIA Logistics
Burkina Faso OMA Logistics Burkina Faso
Cambodia Bee Logistics Corporation
Cameroon OMA Group (Gespros)
Chile HMGS Chile Soluciones de Transporte Ltda
Chile Integral Chile SpA
Chile Logistic Partners Chile SpA (LogPar)
China Columbia Pro-Rail Transport Services
China Global Star Logistics (China) Co Ltd
China Guangzhou Eversail Logistics Co Ltd
China Hannational Shipping Co Ltd
China Topline Express Logistics
Colombia Anker Logistica y Carga SAS
Colombia Schryver de Colombia S.A.S.
Costa Rica Rex Cargo Costa Rica S.A.
Costa Rica SPC Logistics
Croatia R&B Global Projects Ltd
Croatia TransOcean Shipping Ltd
Cyprus Zero Time Services Ltd
Czech Republic Livo Logistics
Czech Republic ZOOM Cargo s.r.o.
Denmark 3p Logistics
Denmark FREJA Transport & Logistics
Denmark NTG Air & Ocean A/S
Djibouti Freight in Time SARL
Djibouti Maritime Transport International S.A.R.L (MTI Logistics)
Ecuador Consolidadora Calderon SA
Ecuador Logistica Maritima Integral SA (MARILOGINSA)
Ecuador Schryver Del Ecuador
Egypt First Global Logistics
Egypt Interlog International Logistics
Egypt MGL Cargo Services LLC
El Salvador Rex Cargo El Salvador S.A. de C.V.
Estonia 3p Logistics OÜ
Estonia CF&S Estonia AS
Estonia ScanMarine Estonia Ltd
Ethiopia Freight in Time Logistics plc
Ethiopia Trade Desk Trading PLC
Finland CHS Air & Sea Oy
Finland FREJA Transport & Logistics Oy
Finland Hacklin Logistics Ltd
France France Cargo International SA
France Groupe BBL
France Philco International
Georgia M-Star Projects powered by Herfurth Logistics
Germany GRUBER Logistics (PAO) GmbH
Germany Interfracht Air Sea Land Service GmbH
Germany Monnard GmbH
Ghana BAJ Freight and Logistics Limited
Ghana COMEXAS Ghana
Ghana OMA Logistics Ghana Ltd
Greece Cargo Experts Ltd
Greece Delta Maritime P.C.
Greece Goldair Cargo SA
Guatemala Rex Cargo Guatemala S.A.
Guyana Ramps Logistics
Honduras Rex Internacional Honduras S.A.
Hong Kong OLA Groups Logistics
Hong Kong Parisi Grand Smooth Logistics Ltd (PGS Logistics)
Hungary Austromar Kft.
Hungary TransOcean Shipping Kft
India Express Global Logistics Pvt Ltd
India Logistics Plus India Pvt Ltd
India Premier Global Logistics Ltd
India Procam Logistics Pvt Limited
India Vangard Logistics Pvt Ltd
Indonesia PT. GAP Logistics
Indonesia PT. Perdana Transline Logistik
Iraq Logistics Terminals Freight Services
Ireland Curtis & Lees Ltd
Israel Gold Line Shipping Ltd
Israel Jacky Line
Israel Kamor Logistics
Italy Fortune International Transport SRL
Italy Livo Logistics
Italy W.I.S.
Ivory Coast COMEXAS Cote D'Ivoire
Ivory Coast Goodrich Logistics Côte d'Ivoire SARL
Ivory Coast SEAFEM
Japan Interfracht Japan
Japan Naigai Trans Line Ltd
Japan Nisshin Transportation Co Ltd
Jordan Logistics Terminals Freight Services
Kazakhstan Eleven Danir 19
Kazakhstan Goodrich Central Asia LLP
Kenya Freight in Time Ltd
Kenya Offshore Global Logistics Ltd
Kenya Sovereign Logistics Limited
Kuwait Al Bader Shipping & Gen. Cont. Co. W.L.L.
Kuwait ATLAS (Alghanim Freight)
Kuwait Dolphin Shipping & Logistics
Kyrgyzstan Eleven Danir 19
Latvia CF&S Latvia SIA
Latvia Eleven Danir 19
Latvia KGE Baltic SIA
Lebanon Freighters
Liberia Stewart Corporation
Lithuania 3p Logistics
Lithuania CF&S Lithuania Ltd
Lithuania UAB ScanMarine Lithuania
Malaysia Kagayaku Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd
Malaysia Megalift Sdn Bhd
Malaysia Tera Projects & Shipping Sdn Bhd
Malta O&S Shipping Ltd
Mauritania Benteyga Shipping Mauritania Group (BSMG)
Mauritania OMA Group (ACT)
Mauritius Velogic Ltd
Mexico JM Logistic Services S.A. de C.V.
Mexico Noatum Project Cargo
Mexico Trafiver Logistics S.A. de C.V.
Montenegro Delta Transportni Sistem (DTS)
Morocco Lasarte Maroc
Morocco LoadLine
Myanmar Bee Logistics Myanmar Co Ltd
Myanmar Nisshin (Myanmar) Co Ltd
Namibia Pronto Global Air & Ocean Freight
Namibia Woker Freight Services (Pty) Ltd
Netherlands M-Star Projects powered by Herfurth Logistics
Netherlands Nunner Logistics BV
New Zealand Freight Direct NZ Limited
Nicaragua Rex Cargo Nicaragua S.A.
Niger OMA-Gescom
Nigeria International Express Logistics Services Limited
Norway Best Global Logistics Norway
Norway NTG Air & Ocean AS
Oman Khimji Ramdas Projects & Logistics Group
Oman Muscat International Shipping & Logistics LLC (MIS)
Oman Wilhelmsen Towell Co LLC
Pakistan Star Shipping (Pvt) Limited
Panama Rex Cargo Panamá S.A.
Panama Upcargo Inc
Paraguay Paramar SA
Peru BHA Cargo Logistic Peru SAC
Peru Translogistics Solution SAC
Philippines AAI Project Logistics Inc
Philippines Nonpareil International Freight & Cargo
Philippines Transmodal International Inc
Poland 3p Logistics Sp. Z.o.o.
Poland Hecksher Polska Sp. z o.o.
Poland Polfrost Internationale Spedition
Portugal Noatum Logistics Portugal, Lda
Portugal NVO Xpress Transitarios
Portugal Pinto Basto
Qatar Aero Freight & Logistics W.L.L.
Qatar Console Shipping Services WLL
Qatar JSL Global WLL
Romania COMPASS Logistics
Romania Eastern Shipping SRL
Romania SC Transgor Logistik SRL
Russia ACROSS Logistics Solutions
Russia Eleven Danir 19
Russia Glogos Ltd
Rwanda Africa Direct Ltd
Saudi Arabia Ark Global LLC KSA
Saudi Arabia NATCO Middle East
Saudi Arabia Paragon Saudi Services
Senegal Goodrich Logistics SARL
Senegal OMA Logistics Senegal
Senegal Wilhelmsen Ships Service Senegal
Serbia Delta Transportni Sistem (DTS)
Serbia TransOcean Shipping Ltd
Singapore Central Oceans Singapore Shipping and Trading
Singapore RIO Logistics (S) Pte Ltd
Singapore WPC Marine & Offshore Services Pte Ltd
Slovenia 2hm Logistics
Slovenia Centralog
Slovenia TransOcean Shipping Ltd
South Africa Afriguide Logistics
South Africa NATCO SA International Transports (Pty) Ltd
South Korea Duck Yang ULC Co Ltd
South Korea Kimex Air & Sea Co Ltd
South Korea Noatum Project Cargo
Spain A. Perez y Cia S.L.
Spain Merzcargo Forwarding S.L.
Spain Noatum Project Cargo
Sri Lanka RSL Freight Lanka Pvt Ltd
Sri Lanka Sky Line Maritime Pvt Ltd
Suriname Ramps Logistics
Sweden Hecksher Linieagenturer AB
Sweden ScanProTrans
Sweden Westdijk Sweden AB
Switzerland ITS International Transport & Shipping Ltd
Taiwan EZ Link Corp.
Taiwan Panda Logistics Co. Ltd.
Taiwan Realco Logistics Ltd
Tajikistan Eleven Danir 19
Tanzania Magellan Logistics Tanzania Limited
Tanzania Sunfresh Ltd
Thailand Central Oceans (Thailand)
Thailand Global Power Logistics Services (Thailand) Co Ltd
Thailand MMP Logistics Co Ltd
Togo OMA Logistics Togo
Trinidad and Tobago Ramps Logistics Ltd
Tunisia All Seas Shipping Agency
Tunisia Ocean Shipping
Tunisia Tandem Logistics
Turkey BATI Shipping & Trading S.A.
Turkey Element International Forwarding & Logistics Ltd
Turkey MTS Logistics
Turkey Noatum Project Cargo
Turkey Origin Logistics
Turkmenistan Hazar Tolkuny
Uganda Freight in Time (U) Ltd
Ukraine Alphatrans Ltd
Ukraine Farcont Project LLC
United Arab Emirates ISS Global Forwarding (ISS GF)
United Arab Emirates Lintas Freight and Logistics LLC
United Arab Emirates Masstrans Freight LLC
United Arab Emirates Polaris Shipping Agencies LLC
United Arab Emirates Wilhelmsen Ships Service
United Kingdom Casper Chartering Limited
United Kingdom Central Oceans UK Shipping & Trading
United Kingdom Kentco Logistics
United States Breakbulk Transportation Inc.
United States Express Air Freight Unlimited Inc.
United States LEMAN USA Inc
United States Seahawk Logitech Inc
United States Thunderbolt Global Logistics LLC
Uruguay Wide World Corporation
Uzbekistan Ardena Transport
Uzbekistan Eleven Danir 19
Venezuela CPL Air & Sea C.A.
Vietnam CEA Projects Co Ltd
Vietnam Cuchi Shipping Co Ltd
Vietnam Royal Cargo Vietnam
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