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Anker Logistica Handle Shipment of 17 Flexsteel Pipe Coils

29th September 2021

Anker Logistica Handle Shipment of 17 Flexsteel Pipe Coils
Anker Logistica Handle Shipment of 17 Flexsteel Pipe Coils

Anker Logistica y Carga (members in Colombia) have been handling flexsteel pipe projects for over 7 years and have developed a truly organised and symbiotic relationship with suppliers, local truckers, terminals and carriers. They know the shipper's and consignee's needs completely and can translate these into the logistics world very clearly. Their great allies in carriers, terminals and trucking companies also make the best effort to bring the cargo to the final destination.

Andrea Manrique at Anker explains; "During 2021, we handled a flexsteel shipment with a total of 17 coils and their accessories from the USA to Colombia. The coils are created to be the most efficient and high quality way to transport gas and oil for any resources field and give excellent results to scouting companies.

One of the biggest challenges during this shipment was fixed vessel departures and local origin transportation because after all the new logistics processes post Covid-19, we don't have the same truck availability and on-time deliveries. However, we made sure all the origin processes were on time and were proactive to catch the vessel's cut off and fulfil our client expectations.

For this particular shipment, the cargo was delivered at origin just with four days before the cargo cut-off but our PCN partners at LEMAN made extra efforts to make the delivery and got extra time with the terminal, making surveyor origin processes almost at the same time that vessel was loading the cargo. We also had a special challenge during the loading process as the supplier could not send us all the rigging materials but with coordination with the terminal staff and vessel Captain, we were able to sort the issue and continue the shipment.

After the booking was confirmed for one terminal in Colombia and in the middle of transit time, we had to change the unloading port because the original destination had 5 bulk carriers trying to unload and there would not be a window. So, we successfully managed the change of destination and moved the entire logistics process.

We coordinated with the new terminal for the unloading process and made sure time, personal, cranes and equipment were ready and available for the cargo's arrival in Colombia to make the direct unloading to trucks. Once the customs processes were completed, the cargo could be transported to the final destination. As the coils were higher than height restrictions on Colombian highways, we had to carefully calculate the route to make the delivery."

Despite all these issues, the shipment was successful with good cooperation, high quality communication and excellent customer service.