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EXG Execute Seamless Move of 168 Windmill Blades

8th January 2024

EXG Execute Seamless Move of 168 Windmill Blades
EXG Execute Seamless Move of 168 Windmill Blades

PCN members in India, Express Global Logistics (EXG) are proud to share another milestone they completed through their flawless delivery of 168 windmill blades.

The project was awarded to EXG by one of the world's largest multinational renewable energy companies. EXG's scope of work included transport from origin to the port, handling, cleaning, customs and further delivery under hook for the specialised 82-meter-long windmill blades.

"The scale and intricacy of the operation demanded meticulous planning and precision in execution."

The company's success hinged on the operational excellence of all the activities being completed as planned. From timely vehicle placement to technical inspections, from port handling to loading on vessels to surveying to cleaning and managing double handling at port, the team coordinated and executed without any delays.

Asset Management:

EXG's asset management played a pivotal role, ensuring the on-time supply of specialised trailers designed for windmill blade transportation. Thirty specific trailers were dedicated to intra-port movements, facilitating underhook feeding during vessel berthing.

Engineering and Safety:

The engineering team at EXG demonstrated expertise in designing the correct placement of blades on vehicles and overcoming potential hurdles during the 570-kilometer transportation.

The success of the project was attributed to the seamless alignment and teamwork of EXG's Chennai, Kandla and Project teams. The Chennai team managed project management and reporting, the Kandla team took charge of customs clearance, port documentation & port handling, and finally, the Project team handled execution.

EXG maintained their focus on precision, displayed across meticulous documentation processes and efficient customs clearance. The dedicated handling of clearance activities, even during weekends and holidays, ensured a seamless process.

"This achievement stands as a testament to the company's capability to handle complex projects with precision and consistency."