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Fortune International & Europe Cargo Cooperating on Pipe Project

17th October 2017

Fortune International & Europe Cargo Cooperating on Pipe Project
Fortune International & Europe Cargo Cooperating on Pipe Project

Fortune International Transport (members in Italy) and Europe Cargo (members in Belgium) are cooperating on a pipe shipment from Antwerp to Bandar Abbas.

Fortune took care of the freight negotiations with the shipping line, while Europe Cargo handled the loading operations. The first lot (photographed below) consisted of 600tns of special pipes measuring over 22m long and a similar lot will be moved in one months' time.

The special pipes had a lot of specific handling instructions from the shipper which had to be carefully followed including:

  • Top stowage;
  • Not to be handled or loaded during rain;
  • No forklift handling. To be handled with an 18m spreader and to be lifted with pre-slungs on the bundles;
  • Bundles to be covered with plastic sheeting once in cargo hold;
  • Coverage at all time including storage;
  • Loading by bundles and not by mega-bundles inside vessel;
  • A maximum stack height of 2m to avoid stowing them in one side all the way to the top;
  • The first tier of bundles needs to be on a flat surface with a minimum of 16 wooden planks equally spread;
  • Vertical planks secured on each side equally spread - 6 pieces each side;
  • Minimum space aft/fwd of 50cm to be left for safe handling.

Fortune International Transport Managing Director, Paolo Federici comments; "Cooperation among PCN members is always fruitful and we are pleased to be making more customers happy with the network solution."

General Manager of the Forwarding Department at Europe Cargo, Sven Gillemot concludes; "Many thanks to Fortune for the good cooperation together as always. We are looking forward for the next lot!"