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Message from Andrew Wilkinson of Curtis and Lees in Ireland

22nd December 2021

Message from Andrew Wilkinson of Curtis and Lees in Ireland
Message from Andrew Wilkinson of Curtis and Lees in Ireland

Please see the following message from Director of Curtis and Lees (members in Ireland), Andrew Wilkinson:

Dear Fellow PCN Members and Colleagues,

I am reaching out to you to request that you might consider supporting a worthy cause, close to me and my community. Firstly I would like to thank Rachel for allowing me to bring this request to my fellow PCN members.

In August, our community tragically lost one of it's Heroes - Dave Conroy. Dave was a young man (41) with a young family that tragically died following a terrible car accident. Not only was he a wonderful family man, he was also central to the creation and development of our local football club - Laytown United FC.

Dave loved nothing more than encouraging young players to grow, to do their best and above all to play football with passion, just like my own son, Liam who plays with the club's under 8 team. Curtis and Lees have just purchased and sponsored the Under 8s Football Kit for this season.

Dave's loss is felt strongly in our community and mostly, of course by his heartbroken wife and children. As a community we rallied and an initial fundraiser was created to support Dave's wife Jackie, and their family during this difficult time. It was very successful and the club wants to continue its fundraising journey. By the request of Dave's wife Jackie, she has requested that any further fundraising goes towards our local football club.

So on behalf of Dave's family, we have arranged a football match for next year - 'The David Conroy Memorial Cup' that sees the Liverpool FC Legends play against our local team, Laytown United.

By request from Dave's wife, Jackie, she would like to see any money raised go towards the development of facilities for the local club that Dave constantly fought for and everyone that raises money will play a part in the match.

If you feel you can support this worthy cause, please visit the GoFundMe page and I thank you so much for your help. Please click here to donate.

Thank you again to Rachel for allowing me to bring this request to you and I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas.

Andrew Wilkinson
Curtis and Lees Director