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Tanzania Diabetes Association Receive $3225 from PCN Members

The Tanzanian Diabetes Association (TDA) headquarters is based at Muhimbili National Hospital, Dar es Salaam and supports 30 Type 1 Diabetes clinics throughout the country. Statistics show there are 1,700 children and adolescents registered in the Regional and District clinics. Many of those children come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The organisation offer similar help to the Dream Trust, which we also support (read more) namely helping to resolve problems including cost and limited availability of insulin and monitoring equipment, lack of storage facilities, etc. Life expectancy for a child with Type 1 diabetes in Africa can be as low as one year. Many parents struggle economically to support their family members regardless of the added burden of a child with Type 1 diabetes.

TDA in collaboration with the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare is currently supporting over 1,000 children to access insulin and other key requirements in 30 Zonal Referral, Regional and District Hospitals. Their objective is to establish a system where the children are provided with insulin and other key essentials together with education on self-management in order to live a fulfilled and happy life.

The annual cost to provide life-saving insulin and syringes is $125 per child and blood glucose monitoring strips is $215. Therefore the cost of keeping a child healthy is only $340 per year.

This charity was chosen as it is close to the heart of UFO President/C.E.O., Rachel Humphrey, who's youngest son, George was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in October 2010 at age 9. Rachel says "We are fortunate in the UK to have George's insulin and medication supplied by our health service. I understand that in Tanzania, many children from poor families suffer as their parents are sometimes unable to afford the medication that they need. I know the worry and fears for parents of diabetic children and hope that we can help them."

During 2016, PCN raised $3225 in order to support this worthwhile cause.

Please click here to read the acknowledgement letter from TDA.