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16th November 2023 PCN 2023 Annual Summit in Thailand - A Wonderful Success! view
18th August 2023 EZ Link and Fortune International Collaborate on Yacht Transport view
2nd August 2023 Fortune International Transport Manage Railway Bogie Delivery view
25th May 2023 Fortune & Aqua Cooperate in Transformer Shipment to Marghera view
3rd November 2022 Fortune International Transport with Smartphone Solution view
28th October 2022 Fortune International Transport Solve Oversized Obstacle view
11th July 2022 Fortune International Transport Assist with A2A Plant Construction in Brescia view
14th February 2022 'Proud Maersk' by Paolo Federici of Fortune International view
9th February 2022 2021 Member Quality Control Survey Results view
20th October 2021 Our 2021 Annual Summit in Croatia view
13th October 2021 Paolo Federici of Fortune Italy Interviewed by Il Messaggero Marittimo view
16th September 2021 Fortune International Transport Load Fully Chartered Vessel view
8th September 2021 Fortune International Transport Handle Two Big Cylinders view
1st March 2021 March 2021 edition of our Digital Newsletter view
26th January 2021 Quality Control Survey Results view
4th November 2020 Fortune Italy & Gebrüder Weiss Handle Multimodal Project view
27th October 2020 Fortune Italy Load Heavy Lift Cargo at Marghera view
6th July 2020 Fortune Italy Reports their Latest Heavy Cargo Movement view
25th June 2020 Fortune International Transport Sponsoring Worldwide Solo Motorbiking Tour view
11th May 2020 Our Latest Zoom Get-Together & Another Great Song from Paolo Federici of Fortune Italy! view
27th April 2020 Paolo Federici of Fortune Italy Plays Another Song at our Latest Zoom Gathering! view
17th April 2020 "Imagine" COVID-19 Special by Paolo Federici of Fortune Italy view
10th December 2019 Fortune International Manages Unique Loading Like Tetris! view
15th July 2019 Three PCN Members Coordinate for Important Project view
29th April 2019 Fortune International & CMX Global Transferring Entire Plant view
23rd April 2019 Paolo Federici of Fortune International Featured in HLPFI view
21st January 2019 Fortune & Gebruder Weiss with Collaborative Transportation view
4th September 2018 Vote for Fortune International in the Breakbulk 'People Make it Happen' Photo Contest view
8th August 2018 Fortune International Show their Problem-Solving Expertise view
7th March 2018 Fortune & Actanis Load Project Cargo Like a Game of Tetris! view
21st December 2017 Fortune Italy Coordinate with C.H. Robinson & Cuchi Shipping on Machinery Shipment view
22nd November 2017 2017 Annual Summit Twitter Competition Entries! view
17th October 2017 Fortune International & Europe Cargo Cooperating on Pipe Project view
19th September 2017 Fortune & Gebrüder Weiss Transport 60tn Rotor view
14th August 2017 Fortune & FCI Move Compressors from Italy to Abu Dhabi view
11th August 2017 Fortune & BATI with Regular Traffic of Italian Trucks view
29th June 2017 CMX & Fortune Handle Shipment of Tube Manufacturing Mill view
16th January 2017 Fortune International Transport with Shipment of Turbine & Machinery to India view
23rd November 2016 Round-Up of PCN 6th Annual Summit view
19th September 2016 Fortune Italy & MGL Egypt Jointly Handle Egyptian Cargo for Milan Trade Fair view
24th August 2016 Fortune Announced as Winner of I-Invest 2016 European Choice Awards view
2nd June 2016 Fortune in Italy Show Land Transport Expertise view
13th April 2016 PCN Members Cooperate to Handle 5 Cranes from Italy to Iran view
8th April 2016 Fortune Handle Transport of 120tn Transformer in Italy view
11th January 2016 PCN Members Team Up to Transport Big Asphalt Mixing Plant view
22nd October 2015 Fortune in Italy Transport Dismantled Paper Plant to India view
3rd September 2015 Fortune Handle Complete Movement of 100tn Machine from Italy to the USA view
1st July 2015 Forwarding is Art Work for Fortune International view
5th May 2015 Indonesian Minister meets with Fortune International Transport view
28th November 2014 Paolo Federici of Fortune (Italy) Honoured with Logistics Award view
8th June 2014 Paolo Federici Interview with Il Messaggero Marittimo view
7th May 2014 Another Successful Project for FORTUNE Italy view
30th December 2013 Fortune International Leave 2013 with a Bang! view
10th November 2013 Fortune Appear In Logistica Magazine view
7th November 2013 Fortune International Ship Drilling Equipment view
31st July 2013 Gebrüder Weiss and Fortune International Move 70T Boiler view
21st May 2013 PCN Features on Front Cover of Il Messaggero Marittimo view
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