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Date Title Actions
29th November 2021 PCN Release 4 Videos Showcasing Most Popular Membership Features view
26th November 2021 FREJA with Project Transport of Railway Machines view
25th November 2021 TransOcean Hungary & HMGS Chile Handle Printing Press view
24th November 2021 Muhammad Kamran of Star Shipping Discusses Pakistan Project Industry in HLPFI view
23rd November 2021 TransOcean Shipping Report Export of Conveyor Belt Reels view
22nd November 2021 Star Shipping Pakistan Announce 30,000sqft Covered Storage Yard at Port Qasim view
19th November 2021 TransOcean Shipping Export High Density Slurry Equipment view
18th November 2021 An Energetic Team of Young Professionals at TIA Logistics view
17th November 2021 TransOcean Shipping Handle Milling Center Shipment view
16th November 2021 31 Years of Success at Nonpareil International in the Philippines view
15th November 2021 TransOcean Shipping Report Breyer Extrusion Line Shipment view
12th November 2021 Wilhelmsen UAE Handles Jack-Up Barge Loaded on Semi-Submersible Heavy Lift Vessel view
12th November 2021 Making the Impossible Possible with CPL in Venezuela view
11th November 2021 Megalift Construct Beach Landing Jetty for Delivery of SPM Buoy view
9th November 2021 Star Shipping Provide Offloading, Erection & Installation Solutions at Project Site view
5th November 2021 Eleven Danir 19 Handle Multimodal Transport of OOG Autoclaves from Germany to Uzbekistan view
4th November 2021 Khimji Ramdas Win Best Video at HLPFI's Heavy Lift Awards view
3rd November 2021 Our 11th Annual Summit will be held from 27-29 November 2022 in Dubai view
3rd November 2021 Star Shipping Pakistan with RORO Shipment of 26 Mixing Trucks view
2nd November 2021 Geothermal Power Plant Project from Kamor Logistics view
2nd November 2021 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During October 2021 view
1st November 2021 November 2021 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
Date Title Actions
29th October 2021 Short Video Explaining our New Meeting Hub view
28th October 2021 EZ Link Manage Carnet Shipments Between Taiwan & Europe view
27th October 2021 Star Shipping Handles Operations at Karachi Port During Holiday view
26th October 2021 Wilhelmsen UAE Handles Urgent Water Treatment Shipment view
25th October 2021 Delta Maritime Deliver Motor Oil Refinery Equipment in Greece view
22nd October 2021 Express Global Logistics in India Transports 6,099mt of Rails view
20th October 2021 Our 2021 Annual Summit in Croatia view
13th October 2021 Paolo Federici of Fortune Italy Interviewed by Il Messaggero Marittimo view
12th October 2021 Gebrüder Weiss Complete Transport of Two Huge Floodgates view
11th October 2021 KGE with Transport of Heavy Liebherr Crane view
7th October 2021 Vangard Logistics Handle Chartered Cargo for Indian Navy view
6th October 2021 KGE Deliver Heavy Mobile Crane view
5th October 2021 CEA Projects Vietnam Report Delivery of 390 Wind Turbine Blades view
4th October 2021 KGE with Multimodal Delivery of Cotton Picker view
2nd October 2021 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During September 2021 view
1st October 2021 Polaris Report Receiving & Local Handling in the UAE view
Date Title Actions
29th September 2021 Wilhelmsen UAE with Several Shipments of Oilfield Vehicles view
29th September 2021 Anker Logistica Handle Shipment of 17 Flexsteel Pipe Coils view
28th September 2021 Polaris Trusted with Further Construction Equipment Shipments view
28th September 2021 EXG in India Executes Transport & Barging of Complex Cargo view
27th September 2021 Polaris UAE with Local Handling of Drilling Rig view
24th September 2021 Star Shipping Continuing Project Operations at Karachi Port view
23rd September 2021 EZ Link Taiwan Handles OOG Machinery to Los Angeles view
22nd September 2021 C.H. Robinson Handles Shipment to Perth by Antonov AN-124 view
17th September 2021 Delta Maritime Handle Logistics for Thermal Power Plant Project view
16th September 2021 Fortune International Transport Load Fully Chartered Vessel view
14th September 2021 CEA Projects Vietnam Deliver 490 Wind Tower Sections view
13th September 2021 JSL Qatar & WSS UAE Handle Shipment of Construction Vehicles view
13th September 2021 Expertise in a Diversity of Industries with Consolidadora Calderon in Ecuador view
10th September 2021 Delta Maritime with Logistics Management for TAP Project view
9th September 2021 Detailed Planning Means Success for C.H. Robinson view
8th September 2021 Fortune International Transport Handle Two Big Cylinders view
7th September 2021 BAJ Freight and Logistics Announce New Office Complex view
6th September 2021 BSMG Deliver Heavy Transformers view
3rd September 2021 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During August 2021 view
2nd September 2021 September 2021 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
1st September 2021 Star Shipping Discharging Cargo at Karachi Port view
Date Title Actions
31st August 2021 Eleven Danir 19 with Five Pipelayers from Mexico to Kazakhstan view
27th August 2021 Wilhelmsen UAE Reports Shipment of Two Boats view
19th August 2021 EZ Link Taiwan Handles Heavy Machinery via RORO to India view
17th August 2021 C.H. Robinson Helps Client with RORO Solution view
16th August 2021 Wilhelmsen Handles Urgent Oil & Gas Shipment via RORO view
13th August 2021 Transportation of 248mt Desalter Vessels by EXG view
9th August 2021 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During July 2021 view
9th August 2021 Star Shipping with Discharging Operations for 8 Transformers view
5th August 2021 A Global View with a Personal Approach at Eleven Danir 19 view
2nd August 2021 NTG are Using their Local Knowledge & Specialised Experience Every Day view
Date Title Actions
30th July 2021 Megalift Malaysia with Transport for Oil & Gas Project in Johor view
29th July 2021 EZ Link Taiwan Handles OOG Machinery via RORO to Italy view
28th July 2021 The PCN Head Office team were recently reunited for a fun team building event view
27th July 2021 R&B Global Complete Challenging Project in Serbia view
26th July 2021 Wilhelmsen UAE Handle Static Shipments via RORO view
23rd July 2021 R&B Global Projects Deliver OOG Units view
22nd July 2021 Livo Logistics Report Heat Exchangers from Italy to China view
21st July 2021 Consistency, Security & Reliability from TEU Bulgaria view
20th July 2021 Livo Logistics with 115tn Transformer from Italy to Spain view
16th July 2021 C.H. Robinson Finds Solutions in a Tight Market view
15th July 2021 Vangard Logistics Receive Appreciation for Prestigious Project view
14th July 2021 Star Shipping Pakistan Operating a Wide Range of Trailers view
13th July 2021 Wilhelmsen UAE with RORO Solution for Power Generation Equipment view
12th July 2021 PCN Featured on Page 38-39 of Move It Magazine view
9th July 2021 C.H. Robinson Delivers Oxygen Tanks to Brazil view
8th July 2021 Star Shipping Busy De-Stuffing Cargo in Karachi view
7th July 2021 Government of India Entrusts EXG for Oxygen Cylinders Project view
6th July 2021 Unique Know-How from SEAFEM in the Ivory Coast view
5th July 2021 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During June 2021 view
2nd July 2021 Farcont Deliver Crane Parts from Ukraine to Finland view
1st July 2021 July 2021 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
Date Title Actions
29th June 2021 BSMG in Mauritania Report their Latest Operations view
25th June 2021 C.H. Robinson Helps Deliver 84.75mt of Project Cargo view
23rd June 2021 Element International Logistics in Turkey Open 3 New Offices view
23rd June 2021 EZ Link Arranges Breakbulk Shipment of Steel Coils & Sheets view
22nd June 2021 EXG Handle Two 80mt Rotor Units from India to Europe view
22nd June 2021 Wilhelmsen UAE Provide Logistics Support for Catamaran Import view
21st June 2021 Polaris UAE Receive Breakbulk Shipment of Steel Tubing view
21st June 2021 Eleven Danir 19 Deliver 520 Pieces for the Mining Industry view
18th June 2021 Polaris Handles Construction Equipment for Time-Bound Project view
17th June 2021 40 Years of Expertise at Aero Freight & Logistics in Qatar view
15th June 2021 Reliability, Flexibility & Innovation at SafeSea Bangladesh view
11th June 2021 Star Shipping Continues Operations at Karachi Port view
10th June 2021 Console Shipping Services are Excited to Join PCN in Qatar view
9th June 2021 OLA Groups with Project Shipment of Sanitation Equipment view
8th June 2021 BSMG Handle Cargo at the Port of Nouadhibou view
7th June 2021 PCN Featured in an Oversize & Heavylift Special in ACW view
4th June 2021 Wilhelmsen Offers Solution for Shipping Helicopters view
3rd June 2021 Star Shipping Pakistan Handles 3 Transformers view
3rd June 2021 MGL Cargo Services & CHS Air & Sea with Shipment of Pumps view
2nd June 2021 Star Shipping Pakistan Report Discharging of Cargo from Vessel at Karachi Port view
2nd June 2021 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During May 2021 view
1st June 2021 EXG Awarded Contract to Handle 182 Railway Coaches for India-Sri Lanka Project view
Date Title Actions
28th May 2021 CTO do Brasil Delivers Rail Equipment to the UK view
28th May 2021 KGE Baltic with Transport of 2 Heavy Valves for Mining Industry view
27th May 2021 CTO do Brasil Handle Transportation of Flight Simulator view
26th May 2021 DC Logistics Brasil Report Shipment of Machinery with Support from Parisi Grand Smooth Logistics view
20th May 2021 C.H. Robinson Arrange Multimodal Shipment of Forging Machine view
17th May 2021 ESL Announce Operations at Kenya's New Lamu Port view
14th May 2021 Pinto Basto, Eastern Shipping & Hecksher Polska Work Together for Rail Transport view
14th May 2021 BBL Complete Challenging Transport Project with Centralog view
13th May 2021 Pinto Basto & ABL Cooperate to Deliver Oversized Tanks view
13th May 2021 Over 160 Years of Experience at Pérez y Cía in Spain view
12th May 2021 Pinto Basto Handle Door-to-Door Shipment of 20m Tanks view
11th May 2021 Kamor Logistics Complete Heavy Transformer Shipment view
10th May 2021 EXG with Overnight Clearance of Cryogenic Oxygen Tanks in India view
10th May 2021 Launch of our Meeting Hub, the most advanced virtual meeting platform in the industry! view
7th May 2021 Wirtz Belgium with Shipment of Dismantled Crane to Oman view
6th May 2021 Phoenix Shipping Aim to Share their Local Knowledge in Bahrain view
5th May 2021 Wirtz Belgium Report Shipment of Loading Arm to Taiwan view
5th May 2021 May 2021 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
4th May 2021 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During April 2021 view
Date Title Actions
30th April 2021 Glogos Handle Shipping of Equipment for Nuclear Power Plant view
29th April 2021 Eleven Danir 19 Share Vyksa Project Video view
28th April 2021 Upcargo Panama Celebrating their 20th Anniversary view
27th April 2021 Star Shipping Busy Carrying Project Cargo from Port Qasim view
26th April 2021 Megalift with Loadout of PWT Skid at Port Klang view
23rd April 2021 Polaris Handling Shipments of Mercedes-Benz Trucks view
23rd April 2021 Glogos Complete Multimodal Transportation of Gas Preheaters view
22nd April 2021 Livo Logistics Handles Mobile Cranes from Italy to North Africa view
22nd April 2021 Polaris UAE Ship Steel Bird Cages to Morocco view
22nd April 2021 Innovative & Flexible Services from Freighters in Lebanon view
22nd April 2021 PCN Arrange Exclusive Webinar with CMA CGM Project Cargo Division view
21st April 2021 Livo Logistics Manages Shipment of Construction Equipment view
21st April 2021 Polaris Reports Shipment of Hydro Hammer on Steel Cradles view
20th April 2021 Livo Logistics Manages Transport of Locomotive view
19th April 2021 Livo Logistics with Transportation of Reactor from Italy to Belgium view
16th April 2021 C.H. Robinson Handles Urgent Shipment to Saudi Arabia view
14th April 2021 Happy Birthday to Hansa Meyer Brazil Celebrating their 15th Anniversary view
13th April 2021 ScanProTrans & Premier Global Logistics Deliver Urgent Booking view
12th April 2021 Ark Global Handle Shipping & Delivery of CO2 Storage Tanks view
9th April 2021 New Members in Ethiopia with Trade Desk Trading view
8th April 2021 Curtis & Lees in Ireland Announce Appointment of Lucas Affonso view
7th April 2021 Curtis & Lees in Ireland are Fully AEO Accredited view
3rd April 2021 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During March 2021 view
Date Title Actions
30th March 2021 Danir 19 Organise Full IL-76 Air Charter Transportation view
29th March 2021 BSMG Report their Latest Operations at Port Nouakchott view
26th March 2021 Star Shipping Complete Open Sea Discharging Operations view
26th March 2021 CF&S Handle Two Reach Stackers view
25th March 2021 Star Shipping Pakistan Successfully Delivers Bulky Cargo view
24th March 2021 Alphatrans Ukraine Deliver Long Crane Beam to Belgium view
24th March 2021 Origin Logistics with Shipping of Two Power Transformers view
23rd March 2021 Alphatrans Ukraine Report Delivery of Spray Dryer view
22nd March 2021 C.H. Robinson Handle Shipping of LOX Tanks view
19th March 2021 Star Shipping Pakistan Certified to ISO 9001 Standards view
12th March 2021 KGE Baltic Delivers Wind Power Project to Belarus view
12th March 2021 Parisi Grand Smooth Logistics with Shipment of Rotary Kiln Parts view
11th March 2021 C.H. Robinson Delivers Equipment for Power Station Refit view
11th March 2021 KGE Baltic & Livo Logistics Deliver Pipe-Layers to Tengiz Oil Field view
10th March 2021 BSMG Discharge Heavy Cargo in Mauritania for Mining Projects view
10th March 2021 Quality Logistics Solutions at Wide World Corporation in Uruguay view
9th March 2021 Announcing Strong Membership in Mauritius with Velogic view
8th March 2021 Best Global Logistics Report Large Movements for LNG Projects view
5th March 2021 M-Star Projects Handle Another Shipment of Gas Modules view
5th March 2021 OLA Groups Logistics Arrange Shipment of Propulsion Systems view
4th March 2021 C.H. Robinson Transports Equipment for Potash Mine in Australia view
4th March 2021 Rigging Services & Support from Star Shipping Pakistan view
4th March 2021 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During February 2021 view
3rd March 2021 Wirtz Shipping Report their Latest Project Shipment view
3rd March 2021 Polaris UAE Complete Successful Shipment of Crawler Cranes view
2nd March 2021 BATI Provide Lifting & Wintering Services for an 18m Yacht view
2nd March 2021 Polaris UAE Handle Difficult Chilling Plant Project view
1st March 2021 BATI with Shipment of Special Equipment from Turkey to Australia view
1st March 2021 March 2021 edition of our Digital Newsletter view
Date Title Actions
26th February 2021 BATI in Turkey Ship Yacht Back to its Owner in the USA view
26th February 2021 Star Shipping Coordinates Petroleum Project Cargo at Port Qasim view
25th February 2021 BATI Transports 1 Million Covid Tests with a Chartered Antonov view
24th February 2021 BATI Ships Yet Another Yacht view
23rd February 2021 Modjo Port Project by ScanProTrans & Freight in Time view
23rd February 2021 BATI Handles Shipping of 240tn Multicat from Turkey to Canada view
22nd February 2021 Star Shipping Busy with Supervision of Cargo at Karachi Port view
22nd February 2021 BATI Move Cable Reels from Turkey to Shanghai by Air view
19th February 2021 EZ Link & Central Oceans Join Forces for Time-Sensitive Shipment view
19th February 2021 BATI have been Moving RIBs view
18th February 2021 EXG Executes Breakbulk Shipment from India to the UAE view
17th February 2021 C.H. Robinson Transports Project Cargo for Power Plant view
16th February 2021 BATI Ships a Running Wheel from Turkey to Sudan view
15th February 2021 Europe Cargo Share their Recent Cargo Operations at Antwerp view
12th February 2021 BSMG Quickly Discharge & Deliver 1,600tn of IMO Cargo view
11th February 2021 BATI in Turkey Load Shipment of Flatpacks to Mombasa view
11th February 2021 Megalift Shifts Two 31m Mechanical Unloaders in Malaysia Industrial Port view
10th February 2021 Pinto Basto have Spent 250 Years Preparing for the Future! view
9th February 2021 BATI Load 1,000tn of Project Cargo view
8th February 2021 Star Shipping Busy with Windmill Project at Port Qasim view
5th February 2021 C.H. Robinson Complete Multimodal Shipment view
5th February 2021 BBL France Delivers to Serbia for Power Plant Project view
4th February 2021 Danir 19 with Multimodal Transportation of Helicopter view
3rd February 2021 Europe Cargo Ship Crusher from Antwerp to Trois-Rivières view
2nd February 2021 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During January 2021 view
2nd February 2021 Plenty of Project Cargo Expertise & Local Knowledge at Speak Logistics in Brazil view
1st February 2021 Exciting New Feature To Enhance Remote Working view
Date Title Actions
29th January 2021 Danir 19 Delivers 'All-In' Service for Metallurgical Plant view
29th January 2021 Shipway Handles Dryer Chambers from Argentina to Peru view
28th January 2021 Star Shipping Pakistan Delivers Transformers to Kabul view
28th January 2021 Element International Turkey Ships Press Machines to Russia view
27th January 2021 NATCO South Africa are Working to Reduce their Carbon Footprint through Investment view
26th January 2021 Quality Control Survey Results view
25th January 2021 Star Shipping with Another Successful Project Delivery from Karachi Port view
25th January 2021 Over 50 participants take parts in first ever Meet our New Members video session view
22nd January 2021 Europe Cargo Discharge Sailboat view
22nd January 2021 M-Star Projects Handle 'Small' Gas Module in the Netherlands view
21st January 2021 Origin Logistics Turkey with Transformers & Boat Shipments view
21st January 2021 Star Shipping Pakistan Delivers Project Cargo Despite Fog view
20th January 2021 C.H. Robinson Provides Safe Transport from Canada to Argentina view
20th January 2021 Wilhelmsen UAE Handles Yacht Movement with BATI Turkey view
19th January 2021 Goodrich Partners with Afriguide to Deliver OOG Shell Cans view
18th January 2021 Wilhelmsen UAE Continues to Ship Construction Equipment view
15th January 2021 Pinto Basto & ZOOM Cargo with Shipment of Long Screws view
14th January 2021 Fortune Italy & ITS Switzerland Handle Joint Project view
11th January 2021 COMPASS Logistics Get the Job Done Smoothly & Efficiently view
8th January 2021 Star Shipping Pakistan Launch Offshore Service view
8th January 2021 Careful Planning Ensures Successful LNG Project Delivery for C.H. Robinson view
8th January 2021 Livo Logistics are Specialists in Complex Multimodal Projects view
7th January 2021 Star Shipping Pakistan Closes 2020 with Overnight Unloading view
7th January 2021 BSMG with Quick Delivery of Heavy Equipment view
6th January 2021 FCI Report Shipment of Crew Boat for Oil Rig view
6th January 2021 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During December 2020 view
5th January 2021 BATI Certified by the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network view
5th January 2021 Masstrans Freight Ends 2020 with Delivery of Cable Reels for Power Project view
4th January 2021 MGL Cargo Services with Shipment of 5 Oversized Tanks view
4th January 2021 BATI Completes Another Successful OOG Shipment view
1st January 2021 After a year full of challenges, we are all excited to start fresh in 2021... view
Date Title Actions
31st December 2020 220tn Transformer Shipment by BATI in Turkey view
30th December 2020 GRUBER Logistics Supporting World Vision Deutschland view
29th December 2020 EZ Link Taiwan & Noatum South Korea Team Up for Cable Drum Movement view
24th December 2020 CSS Report Another Delivery for Ongoing MEW Project view
23rd December 2020 Star Shipping Pakistan Loads OOG Cargo at Gwadar Seaport view
22nd December 2020 Consistently Reliable Services from LogPar in Chile view
21st December 2020 Solid Experience & Expertise in Project Cargo at DTS view
18th December 2020 Another Shipment of Steel Coils from Cargo Experts Ltd view
17th December 2020 Origin Logistics Win at Turkey's Atlas Logistics Awards 2020 view
17th December 2020 Cargo Experts with Shipment of Plant Equipment view
16th December 2020 Altus Norway Becomes Best Global Logistics Norway view
15th December 2020 Cargo Experts Report Shipment of Steel Coils view
15th December 2020 Complex Shipping Made Easy by Unique Logistics International view
14th December 2020 Actanis to be Integrated & Renamed as Noatum Project Cargo view
14th December 2020 Cargo Experts Charter Vessel for Delivery of Timber view
11th December 2020 Element International Completes Movement of Locomotive view
11th December 2020 PCN Hosts Exclusive Webinar "The Future of Freight: Unlocking the World’s Supply Chains" view
10th December 2020 Masstrans Freight Deliver for Power Project in the UAE view
9th December 2020 A Personal Approach from R&B Global Projects in Croatia view
8th December 2020 Star Shipping Pakistan Delivers Enormous Breakbulk Load view
4th December 2020 Polaris Shipping Agencies Handle Shipment of 40 Trucks view
4th December 2020 Star Shipping with Challenging Delivery of Extra-Long Girder view
3rd December 2020 COMEXAS Ghana Delivers to Takoradi Power Plant view
3rd December 2020 KGE Baltic Report Transport of Heavy Cold Module Unit view
2nd December 2020 Polaris Shipping Agencies with Delivery of 750mt of Tubing view
1st December 2020 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During November 2020 view
1st December 2020 End of Year Message 2020 view
Date Title Actions
30th November 2020 Polaris Handles Time-Sensitive Shipment of Soil Compactors view
27th November 2020 Star Shipping Pakistan Delivers OOG Cargo for Hydro Project view
26th November 2020 Nonpareil in the Philippines Celebrate their 30th Anniversary view
26th November 2020 Double Star Logistics in Brazil Handle 2 Generators view
25th November 2020 C.H. Robinson Delivers LNG Equipment view
24th November 2020 Wirtz Reports Shipment of 4 Historical Rail Wagons view
23rd November 2020 Exclusive Webinar with CargoWise: 'The Future of Freight: Unlocking the World's Supply Chains' view
18th November 2020 A Friendly & Approachable Team at Casper Chartering view
18th November 2020 Origin Logistics Send Another Set of Transformers view
17th November 2020 'Impossible isn't BBL' say our New French Member view
16th November 2020 Star Shipping Reports Haulage of 650tn Mechanical Crane view
13th November 2020 Europe Cargo Handle Shipping of Big 56tn Case view
13th November 2020 EXG Delivers 3 Over-Dimensional Alloy Steel Units view
12th November 2020 Livo Logistics & Freight Direct Ship Agriculture Equipment view
12th November 2020 Ramps Awarded Integrated Logistics Contract by Tullow for Suriname Well view
11th November 2020 Livo Logistics Manage Complex Pipes Shipment view
10th November 2020 Origin Logistics Collaborate with Nisshin Transportation for Metal Shearers Shipment view
9th November 2020 Livo Logistics with Another Shipment of Construction Machines view
6th November 2020 C.H. Robinson Helps with Transport of Coolers & Compressors view
5th November 2020 Livo Logistics & KGE Baltic Work Together for Multimodal Transportation view
4th November 2020 Fortune Italy & Gebrüder Weiss Handle Multimodal Project view
3rd November 2020 Livo Logistics with Transport of Construction Equipment view
2nd November 2020 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During October 2020 view
2nd November 2020 Another OOG Project from Cuchi Shipping in Vietnam view
1st November 2020 November 2020 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
Date Title Actions
27th October 2020 Fortune Italy Load Heavy Lift Cargo at Marghera view
26th October 2020 ABL Charter Two Full AN-124 Aircrafts for Critical Delivery view
23rd October 2020 Delta Maritime with Transport of Tram Trains in Greece view
22nd October 2020 C.H. Robinson Project Logistics Carefully Handle 18 Air Coolers view
21st October 2020 Anker Logistica y Carga Deliver 2 Natural Gas Compressor Units view
20th October 2020 A Special Passion for Project & OOG Cargo at Danir 19 view
19th October 2020 Megalift Handle 82tn Oil & Gas Pressure Vessel in Malaysia view
16th October 2020 Cuchi Vietnam with Shipping of Two 70tn Transformers view
15th October 2020 EZ Link Ship OOG Cargo from Kaohsiung to Shanghai view
15th October 2020 Cuchi Vietnam Handle Transport of OOG Steel Structures view
14th October 2020 Our Exclusive Webinar with Susan Oatway of Drewry view
9th October 2020 Sadleirs with OOG Transport from East to West Coast of Australia view
8th October 2020 Active Project Forwarders in Saudi Arabia: NATCO Middle East view
7th October 2020 KGE Baltic Smoothly Deliver Two Cabins view
6th October 2020 Two Project Shipments from the Konya Team at Origin Logistics view
5th October 2020 Star Shipping Delivers 4 Transformers to Iraq view
5th October 2020 GRUBER Logistics (PAO) Announce New Office in Frankfurt view
2nd October 2020 KGE Baltic Handle Multimodal OOG Delivery to Russia view
2nd October 2020 Transport Logistica Provide Customised Solutions for Heavier, Wider, Higher or Longer Needs! view
1st October 2020 KGE & Coordinadora with Delivery of Industrial Equipment view
1st October 2020 HMGS Chile Develop New Services for Clean Energies view
1st October 2020 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During September 2020 view
Date Title Actions
30th September 2020 CSS Bahrain Continue OOG Deliveries for Ongoing Project view
29th September 2020 A Unique Understanding in Jordan & Iraq at Logistics Terminals Freight Services view
25th September 2020 Origin Logistics Handles Charter for Asphalt Machinery view
22nd September 2020 Exclusive Webinar with Susan Oatway, Senior Analyst for Multipurpose & Breakbulk Shipping at Drewry view
18th September 2020 Integral Chile Presents their National Transportation Service view
17th September 2020 Polaris with Shipment of Used Plant Machinery to Kenya view
16th September 2020 Central Oceans Complete Loading of Ferry view
14th September 2020 Polaris Shipping Agencies Handles Return of Construction Equipment to China view
11th September 2020 First Global Logistics with Transport of OOG Oil Tanks view
9th September 2020 Project Experts in Morocco - Lasarte Maroc view
7th September 2020 Yuksel Kahraman of Origin Logistics Turkey Interviewed on the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator view
7th September 2020 25 Years of Industry-Specific Experience at Ark Global view
4th September 2020 Nonpareil Pass ISO 9001:2015 2nd Surveillance Audit view
3rd September 2020 Heavy Transport Online Training: 2 Staff Members for Only £250 view
2nd September 2020 BATI Moves Another Yacht from Turkey to Croatia view
1st September 2020 September 2020 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
1st September 2020 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During August 2020 view
Date Title Actions
28th August 2020 BATI's Expert Yacht Team Continue to Deliver view
27th August 2020 BSMG with Delivery of Generators in Mauritania view
26th August 2020 The Sun Shines while BATI Delivers a Sunseeker! view
25th August 2020 CTO do Brasil Complete Inland Transport of Dismantled MHC 65 view
24th August 2020 BATI Delivers a Beautiful Lagoon 42 Catamaran view
21st August 2020 Bee Logistics with Air Charter of an AN-124 view
21st August 2020 C.H. Robinson Quickly Resolves Issue for Wind Farm Project view
20th August 2020 Origin Logistics with Difficult Loading of Circuit Breaker view
20th August 2020 Royal Cargo Vietnam Delivers for Hydro Power Project view
20th August 2020 Goodrich and Afriguide Logistics Handle 4 Heavy Motors view
19th August 2020 Origin Logistics Turkey Continue Regular Boat Shipments view
19th August 2020 Turnkey Solutions for Complex Projects at Austromar Hungary view
18th August 2020 CMX Global Complete Challenging Charter for Dump Trucks view
18th August 2020 Star Shipping Pakistan with Survey of OOG Girders in Karachi view
17th August 2020 MGL Cargo Services Deliver Agricultural Production Line view
17th August 2020 M-Star Projects Manage Exceptional Loads of Hangar Doors view
14th August 2020 Over 190 Participants Take Part in Virtual 1-2-1 Meeting Week view
13th August 2020 EFM Australia Specialise in Delivering the Impossible! view
12th August 2020 Cooperation Between NVO Xpress Transitarios & Wirtz Shipping view
11th August 2020 Specialised Services at Schryver Del Ecuador view
10th August 2020 Professional & Reliable Services from Alphatrans Ukraine view
10th August 2020 Central Oceans Assist with Smart Sewage Systems in Singapore view
7th August 2020 KGE Baltic with Delivery of 3 Industrial Silos view
7th August 2020 Another Smooth Project Move from Goodrich & CMX Global view
6th August 2020 Star Shipping Pakistan Deliver Wind Power Equipment view
6th August 2020 Kamor Handles Another Delivery for Tel Aviv Railway Project view
6th August 2020 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During July 2020 view
5th August 2020 C.H. Robinson Helps Transport 800cbm from Europe to Canada view
4th August 2020 3p Logistics Handle Two OOG Pressing Units view
3rd August 2020 Announcing Actanis Project Cargo in South Korea! view
Date Title Actions
31st July 2020 Polfrost Internationale Spedition are New Members in Poland! view
29th July 2020 CSS Bahrain Reports Another Shipment for Ongoing Power & Desalination Plant Project view
29th July 2020 Element Logistics Turkey Announce New Office in Konya view
28th July 2020 TransOcean with Another Machinery Shipment view
27th July 2020 Nunner Logistics Move Head Office to Exciting New Location view
27th July 2020 TransOcean Shipping Hungary are Busy with Exports Too! view
24th July 2020 Helpful Tips from CargoWise to Navigate Today's Supply Chains view
24th July 2020 TransOcean Shipping Handle Hydraulic Press Machine view
23rd July 2020 BATI Group Moves Tractors view
22nd July 2020 TransOcean Handles Import of Machinery from China to Hungary view
21st July 2020 BATI Completes Sensitive Loading at the Port of Derince view
21st July 2020 Polaris with Local Handling of Construction Equipment in the UAE view
20th July 2020 Schryver de Colombia with Air Charter Project for PPE Masks view
17th July 2020 Polaris with Shipping of Another Rotor Set from UAE to Spain view
16th July 2020 Ramps Secures Cross Border Logistics Project for Suriname Exploration Well view
15th July 2020 Polaris Shipping Agencies Handle Steel Tubing at Hamriyah Port view
14th July 2020 BATI Group Adds Another Yacht to their Project Portfolio view
14th July 2020 Origin Logistics Handle Loading & Shipping of Metso Shredders view
13th July 2020 BATI Moves Another Yacht to Italy view
13th July 2020 Goodrich Completes Huge Trucking Project from Turkey to Kazakhstan view
10th July 2020 BATI Completes Raptor Mainframe Shipment to Australia view
9th July 2020 CF&S with Another Impressive Oversized Cargo Project by Rail view
9th July 2020 C.H. Robinson Delivers for Kansas Wind Farm view
8th July 2020 EZ Link Handles Door-to-Door Project from Taiwan to Mongolia view
7th July 2020 Wilhelmsen Dispatches Power Generation Equipment to the USA view
6th July 2020 Fortune Italy Reports their Latest Heavy Cargo Movement view
3rd July 2020 PCN Launch Bespoke Virtual 1-2-1 Booking System view
2nd July 2020 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During June 2020 view
1st July 2020 July 2020 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
Date Title Actions
29th June 2020 EZ Link & Actanis Join Forces for Heavy Cargo Movement view
26th June 2020 C.H. Robinson Provides Innovative Solutions to Keep the Project Moving view
26th June 2020 Altus Norway Manages Passenger Aircraft Charter & Crew Change Operations view
25th June 2020 Spark Global Logistics Delivers Mining Equipment to the Pilbara view
25th June 2020 Fortune International Transport Sponsoring Worldwide Solo Motorbiking Tour view
24th June 2020 CMX Global & Goodrich with Australia to Kazakhstan Project view
23rd June 2020 Integral Chile Assists with Chacao Bridge Construction view
22nd June 2020 Star Shipping Pakistan Handles 2 Heavy Gear Boxes view
18th June 2020 EZ Link Manage RORO Shipment from Malaysia to Taiwan view
17th June 2020 ATLAS Handles Smooth Delivery of Boat in Kuwait view
15th June 2020 Introducing Membership in Uzbekistan with Ardena Transport view
15th June 2020 KGE Baltic Handle Heavy & Oversized Multimodal Shipment view
15th June 2020 Polaris with Time-Sensitive Project Shipment of Rail Wagons view
12th June 2020 KGE Baltic Deliver for Mining Field view
12th June 2020 Altus Norway Successfully Delivers 750tn Gas Module view
12th June 2020 New PCN eZine: Managing Flexible Work Arrangements view
11th June 2020 Polaris Completes Shipping of Burner Booms view
11th June 2020 KGE Baltic Delivers Industrial Equipment to Uzbekistan view
11th June 2020 S.V. Anchan of Safesea on Panel of TMS COVID-19 Webinar Series view
10th June 2020 Despite Undiscovered World War II Bombs & Unwanted Ants, C.H. Robinson Delivers! view
10th June 2020 Polaris Shipping Agencies Handle Rotor Shipment view
9th June 2020 Gold Line Shipping in Israel are Ready to Answer Any Project Requirements view
9th June 2020 CF&S Organise Another Load of Agricultural Machinery by Rail view
8th June 2020 Translogistics Solution & ScanProTrans Join Forces for Ongoing Project view
5th June 2020 Welcoming Schryver de Colombia as New Members! view
3rd June 2020 Safesea Enhance their Fleet with a Bulk Carrier view
2nd June 2020 KGE Baltic are Focused on Heavy & Abnormal Project Cargo view
1st June 2020 PCN Held our 5th Zoom Meeting Today with 2 Guest Speakers view
1st June 2020 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During May 2020 view
Date Title Actions
28th May 2020 A Team of Project Specialists at ACROSS Logistics Solutions view
27th May 2020 PCN Members in Austria & Norway Join Forces for Stardalen Hydropower Project view
22nd May 2020 Announcing Representation in Angola with Pinto Basto view
21st May 2020 Project Cargo Network Responds to Global Pandemic view
20th May 2020 EXG with Unique & Challenging Move of 38m Long Regenerator view
19th May 2020 CSS Bahrain Delivers Another Huge Load for Ongoing Project view
18th May 2020 M-Star Projects Announce New Service from Europe to Poti view
15th May 2020 Gebrüder Weiss Transports Complete Concrete Production Line view
15th May 2020 Masstrans Delivers for UAE Power Project in Difficult Times view
14th May 2020 Gebrüder Weiss Handles Delivery of Huge Steel Bridge view
14th May 2020 CF&S Transports Agricultural Machinery by Railway view
13th May 2020 Recent Critical Shipments Handled by Wilhelmsen UAE view
12th May 2020 Premier Global Logistics with Urgent Air Shipment to France view
11th May 2020 Our Latest Zoom Get-Together & Another Great Song from Paolo Federici of Fortune Italy! view
8th May 2020 Premier Global Logistics Safely Delivers Time-Bound Over-Dimensional Shipment view
8th May 2020 C.H. Robinson Helps Transport Air Heaters to Canada view
7th May 2020 Origin Logistics Organise Air Charter to Doha for Healthcare Forces of Qatar view
7th May 2020 Premier Global Logistics Efficiently Manage Complicated & High-Volume Shipment view
6th May 2020 Origin Logistics in Turkey Share Recent Multimodal Projects view
6th May 2020 Premier Global Logistics with Successful Shipping of Stator Ring view
5th May 2020 EXG Completes Challenging Delivery from West to East India view
5th May 2020 WSS with RORO Shipping of Construction Equipment to Kenya view
4th May 2020 Premier Global Logistics Moves Heavy & OOG Equipment view
1st May 2020 May 2020 Issue of our Digital Newsletter view
1st May 2020 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During April 2020 view
Date Title Actions
30th April 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19): List of Helpful Online Resources view
29th April 2020 Premier Global Logistics Successfully Execute Shipment of NTFs view
27th April 2020 Paolo Federici of Fortune Italy Plays Another Song at our Latest Zoom Gathering! view
24th April 2020 PCN reaches 1000 followers on Twitter! view
24th April 2020 3p Logistics Celebrates 15 Years of Business view
24th April 2020 Upcargo Assists with Panama's 'Logistics Humanitarian Hub' view
23rd April 2020 Al Bader Shipping Sets New RORO Record in Kuwait view
23rd April 2020 CF&S Handles Multimodal Transport of Equipment via Estonia view
22nd April 2020 Coronavirus Special eZine (Issue 2) view
21st April 2020 Centralog in Slovenia Share Photos of Challenging Operation view
20th April 2020 Al Bader with High-Quality Shipment of Another Crawler Crane view
20th April 2020 Topline Express (TEL) & Livo Logistics Work in Close Cooperation to Deliver Cranes view
17th April 2020 "Imagine" COVID-19 Special by Paolo Federici of Fortune Italy view
16th April 2020 Al Bader Kuwait with Efficient Shipping of Crawler Cranes view
15th April 2020 PCN Members from over 30 Countries Hold 2nd Zoom Gathering view
14th April 2020 C.H. Robinson & Livo Logistics Deliver Construction Equipment view
9th April 2020 CSS Delivers Another Load of Over-Dimensional Cargo in Bahrain view
9th April 2020 JSL Global Delivers CO2 Tanks in Qatar view
8th April 2020 CTO do Brasil with Shipment of Drilling Machine to the USA view
8th April 2020 eLearning Platform - Train 2 Staff Members for Only £250 view
7th April 2020 EXG Execute Heavy Lift Project of 565mt Cutter Suction Dredger view
6th April 2020 Cancellation of Beijing meeting and New Dates & Location for 2021 Announced view
3rd April 2020 Origin Logistics Handle Oversized Tanks from Turkey to Qatar view
2nd April 2020 Goodrich Moves Liebherr Crane from Austria to Kazakhstan view
1st April 2020 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During March 2020 view
Date Title Actions
31st March 2020 Megalift Deliver for MRT Railway Project in Malaysia view
30th March 2020 Goodrich with Transportation of Liebherr Excavator & Bulldozers view
27th March 2020 PCN Head Office issues Coronavirus Special eZine view
26th March 2020 C.H. Robinson Smoothly Transfer a Transformer view
24th March 2020 BSMG Deliver for Power Line Project in Mauritania view
19th March 2020 MGL Cargo Services Share Recent Shipments from Egypt to UAE view
18th March 2020 Goodrich with Massive EPC Transportation Project in Africa view
17th March 2020 BATI Group Handles Flat-Rack Project from Turkey to Oman view
16th March 2020 Anker Logistica Deliver Airport Boarding Tunnels in Colombia view
16th March 2020 Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak view
13th March 2020 BATI Group Successfully Ship 52tn Boiler view
12th March 2020 Origin Logistics in Turkey Handles Shipments to Australia & India view
12th March 2020 Timely & Reliable Services from EZ Link in Taiwan view
11th March 2020 BATI Group with MasterCraft Boat Delivery to Bodrum view
10th March 2020 C.H. Robinson Transports 4 Modules to Port by SPMTs view
9th March 2020 New Project Cargo Director for BATI Group view
6th March 2020 Canaan Group Completes Delivery of Train Cars to Vancouver view
5th March 2020 CSS with Delivery of Over-Dimensional Cargo in Bahrain view
4th March 2020 BATI Group Delivers Another Boat to Her Owner view
3rd March 2020 Europe Cargo Handles Transshipment of Yachting Equipment view
2nd March 2020 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During February 2020 view
1st March 2020 March 2020 Issue of our Digital Newsletter view
Date Title Actions
28th February 2020 Star Shipping Pakistan Deliver 4,400frt Breakbulk Shipment view
26th February 2020 Origin Logistics with Loading of 2 Transformers in Turkey view
25th February 2020 Issue 2 of our eZine: Generation Gaps view
24th February 2020 BSMG Deliver Wind Energy Cargo in Mauritania view
24th February 2020 Experts in Koper, Slovenia - 2hm Logistics view
21st February 2020 BATI Group Continue their Passion of Shipping Yachts & Boats! view
19th February 2020 Wilhelmsen and Convoy Logistics Handle Critical RORO Shipment view
17th February 2020 Have you seen our full page advert on page 18 of HLPFI magazine view
11th February 2020 ScanMarine Deliver Huge Cargo from Estonia to Finland view
6th February 2020 C.H. Robinson Project Logistics with Innovative Ferry Solution view
3rd February 2020 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During January 2020 view
Date Title Actions
29th January 2020 Goodrich Delivers Pipes to Iraq for Oil & Gas Project view
28th January 2020 MGL Cargo Services Handle Production Line in Egypt view
27th January 2020 Goodrich Works with Several PCN Members for Mining Project view
23rd January 2020 C.H. Robinson Moves 232mtn from Multiple Locations for Huge Project view
22nd January 2020 Star Shipping with their 2nd Completed Project of 2020! view
21st January 2020 EXG Completes Breakbulk Shipment of 12 Exhaust Silencers view
20th January 2020 Yachting Season is Open for BATI Group! view
17th January 2020 CF&S Successfully Transport 2 Reachstackers from Europe to Uzbekistan view
15th January 2020 BATI Group Take Great Pleasure in Yacht Transportation! view
14th January 2020 Announcing Benteyga Shipping Mauritania Group as a New Member! view
14th January 2020 Al Bader Shipping Finishes a Busy 2019 with Crane Shipment view
13th January 2020 1st Issue of our New eZine: 'International Cultural Body Language' view
13th January 2020 Over 50 Years of Experience in Paraguay - Paramar SA view
10th January 2020 Star Shipping Report their First Completed Project in 2020! view
10th January 2020 Al Bader Completes Delivery of 12 Project Cargo Containers view
9th January 2020 Muscat International Shipping with Transportation of 3 Skids view
8th January 2020 C.H. Robinson Project Logistics Show their Problem-Solving Skills view
7th January 2020 Al Bader Shipping Handles Breakbulk Cargo on Chartered Vessel view
6th January 2020 Starting 2020 with a New Member in Namibia - Pronto Global Air & Ocean Freight view
1st January 2020 Welcoming 2020, we are Proud to be Celebrating our 10th Anniversary! view
1st January 2020 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During December 2019 view
Date Title Actions
30th December 2019 MGL Cargo Services Handle High-Value & Sensitive Shipment view
27th December 2019 GRUBER Logistics Show their Expertise with Heavy Cargo view
24th December 2019 Upcargo Play Important Part in Award-Winning Project view
23rd December 2019 Express Global Logistics Transports 4 Ammonia Converter Units view
20th December 2019 Star Shipping Handle Transport of 4 Heavy Transformers view
20th December 2019 CF&S with Transport of Tunnel Boring Machine by Rail view
19th December 2019 Polaris Delivers Soil Compactors from India to the UAE view
18th December 2019 OOG & Large Breakbulk Specialists in Slovenia - Centralog view
18th December 2019 MGL Cargo Services in Egypt Celebrated for their 2019 Performance by Air France & KLM view
17th December 2019 CSS Bahrain Offers Integrated Project Forwarding Solutions view
17th December 2019 Polaris Completes Delivery of Construction Equipment to Sharjah view
17th December 2019 20 Years of Experience at PT. GAP Logistics in Indonesia view
16th December 2019 C.H. Robinson Delivers Despite Facing Several Obstacles view
13th December 2019 Star Shipping Deliver 400tn Crawler Crane in Pakistan view
11th December 2019 Souvenir Brochure from our 2019 Annual Summit in Botswana view
11th December 2019 GRUBER Logistics Arranges Seaworthy Packaging & FOB Delivery view
10th December 2019 Eversail Logistics Handling Steel Billets in China view
10th December 2019 Fortune International Manages Unique Loading Like Tetris! view
9th December 2019 Al Bader Delivers Professional Solutions for Delicate Project view
6th December 2019 Delta Maritime are Looking Forward to Strong Market Growth view
5th December 2019 C.H. Robinson Meets Challenge to Deliver Large Wind Turbines view
4th December 2019 Europe Cargo with 6930kg Airfreight Shipment to Qingdao view
3rd December 2019 Project Cargo is a Core Strength of Logistics Plus India view
2nd December 2019 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During November 2019 view
Date Title Actions
29th November 2019 Livo Logistics Executes Road Transportation of Diesel Locomotive view
26th November 2019 Strong Local Knowledge at Hansa Meyer in Brazil view
25th November 2019 Our 2019 Annual Award Winners! view
25th November 2019 Our 2019 Annual Summit in Botswana view
25th November 2019 BATI Ships Fire Fighting Vehicles from Turkey to the Maldives view
22nd November 2019 M-Star Projects Share their Recent Project Cargo Work view
22nd November 2019 Kamor Logistics Complete Delivery of First 2 of 90 Rail Cars view
20th November 2019 Gulf Agency Services Discharge Another Runner Turbine view
14th November 2019 Element International Announce 2 New Offices in Turkey view
12th November 2019 W.I.S. with OOG Shipment for Power Plant Project view
11th November 2019 M-Star Projects Handle Transport of Exhaust Gas Silencers view
8th November 2019 Procam Logistics Moves 12 Units of 70.6tn Stators & Rotors view
7th November 2019 MGL Cargo Services Attend CMA CGM Event in Egypt view
6th November 2019 Global Power with Shipping of Crawler Crane for Cuchi Shipping view
5th November 2019 Parisi Grand Smooth with Project Shipment to El Salvador view
5th November 2019 Al Bader Shipping Expertly Handles 3 Crawler Cranes view
4th November 2019 Two Milestone Moments at Origin Logistics in Turkey view
4th November 2019 Project Cargo Knowledge & Skills from NVO Xpress Transitarios view
4th November 2019 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During October 2019 view
1st November 2019 3PL with Delivery of Drilling Equipment from Estonia to the UAE view
1st November 2019 Megalift Report Successful Transportation of 2 Gas Turbines view
1st November 2019 November 2019 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
Date Title Actions
31st October 2019 Wilhelmsen UAE Handle FRP Shipment to Bangladesh view
31st October 2019 An In-Depth Understanding of Oversized Projects at STM Group view
30th October 2019 Star Shipping Pakistan with Re-Export Shipment to China view
30th October 2019 TEL Handles Projects of Marine Scrubbers view
30th October 2019 Ramps Logistics Extend Membership to Guyana & Suriname view
29th October 2019 MGL Cargo Services Deliver Production Line in Egypt view
29th October 2019 Great Cooperation with Anker Logistica Colombia & LEMAN USA view
29th October 2019 O&S Shipping & Nunner Logistics Handle 2 Helicopters view
28th October 2019 PCN Evidence Audit 2019 view
24th October 2019 Transgor Logistik Have 25 Years of Experience in Romania view
23rd October 2019 Solid Project Experience from New Members in South America view
22nd October 2019 NATCO SA with Oversized Delivery in South Africa view
21st October 2019 Wilhelmsen UAE Fixes Shipment of Steel Plates to India view
18th October 2019 Rolando Alvarez of Upcargo Announces Panama for the 2022 FIATA World Congress view
17th October 2019 A Wonderful Evening with our Industry Peers! view
17th October 2019 Mr. Vinod Gandhi of EXG in India Honoured at Maritime & Logistics Awards 2019 view
16th October 2019 M-Star Charter Vessels for Kuldipsingh Project in Suriname view
15th October 2019 NATCO South Africa Continue to Deliver for Beverage Industry view
14th October 2019 22 Offices Across India with Premier Global Logistics view
14th October 2019 Origin Logistics Announce Launch of 7th Office in Gaziantep view
14th October 2019 First Global Handle Subsea Structures from Egypt to India view
11th October 2019 Wilhelmsen UAE Share Yacht Shipment to Gibraltar view
11th October 2019 Khimji Ramdas Manages Haulage of Diverter Damper in Oman view
11th October 2019 Plenty of Project Experience at Spark Global Logistics in Australia! view
10th October 2019 NATCO with Another Delivery of OOG Cargo for Beverage Industry view
9th October 2019 Canaan & Actanis with Project Shipment from Spain to Canada view
8th October 2019 Wilhelmsen UAE Fix Pipe Shipment from China view
7th October 2019 New Exclusive Event Web App Launched view
4th October 2019 Hecksher & C.H. Robinson Handle Shipment of Air Heaters view
3rd October 2019 Ms. Puvaneaish of Kagayaku Logistics Receives KLSICCI Award view
2nd October 2019 NATCO Deliver for Beverage Industry in South Africa view
1st October 2019 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During September 2019 view
Date Title Actions
26th September 2019 MIS Handle Successful Transport & Shipping of Large Tanks view
25th September 2019 First Global Logistics with Urgent OOG Air & Sea Movements for Oil & Gas Sector view
23rd September 2019 Wilhelmsen UAE & GRUBER Logistics Handle Air Movement of Special Security Vehicle view
20th September 2019 Khimji Ramdas Completes Haulage & Loading of Pressure Separators in Oman view
18th September 2019 Wilhelmsen UAE Handles Import Shipment of Spud Columns view
17th September 2019 Kamor Logistics Delivers First Lot of High Voltage Cable Drums view
17th September 2019 A Professional Team & Comprehensive Portfolio at RUCA Logistics in Argentina view
16th September 2019 3p Logistics Add Estonia Office to PCN Membership view
13th September 2019 Origin Logistics Announce Opening of Bursa Office view
12th September 2019 Wilhelmsen UAE Handles Movement of Pipe Spools view
11th September 2019 Origin Logistics in Turkey Announce New LCL Consolidation Service view
10th September 2019 MIS with Transportation of Wartzila Engine in Oman view
10th September 2019 Express Global Logistics Handle Transport of 3,000mtn of Rails view
10th September 2019 Goodrich Central Asia with Shipment of Electrodes view
9th September 2019 CTO do Brasil Successfully Complete Part-Charter Shipment of Brewery Equipment view
6th September 2019 Gebrüder Weiss Complete Project for the Pulp & Paper Industry view
6th September 2019 CTO do Brasil Handle Shipment of 5 CAT Excavators view
5th September 2019 C.H. Robinson Project Logistics with Successful Transport of Liquefied Petroleum Transformer view
5th September 2019 Gebrüder Weiss Complete Shipment of 20m Transmission Shafts view
5th September 2019 Actanis Project Cargo Strengthen their PCN Presence view
4th September 2019 Have you Booked your Place at our Exciting 9th Annual Summit? view
4th September 2019 WSS UAE Handles Transportation of Precast Concrete Pontoons view
4th September 2019 Polaris Completes Project Shipment of Dismantled Barge view
3rd September 2019 Origin Logistics with Transport of Oversized Cargo for Hydroelectric Power Plant view
3rd September 2019 New PCN Membership Benefits Video view
2nd September 2019 Upcargo Handle Multimodal Transport of Ignition Motor view
1st September 2019 September edition of our Digital Newsletter issued view
1st September 2019 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During August 2019 view
Date Title Actions
29th August 2019 PCN is Going from Strength to Strength view
27th August 2019 Upcargo in Panama Showcase their HAZMAT Handling view
23rd August 2019 Royal Cargo Complete Important Project in North Vietnam view
22nd August 2019 C.H. Robinson Arranges Successful Transportation of Buggies view
21st August 2019 DC Logistics Brasil & Anker Logistica Handle 56' Yacht view
20th August 2019 Ms. Puvaneaish of Kagayaku Logistics Honoured with Malaysia Business Award view
14th August 2019 Dedicated Project Cargo Teams at Global Power Logistics Services view
9th August 2019 C.H. Robinson Builds a Temporary Bridge to Complete Logistics Project view
7th August 2019 Element International and CF&S with Transportation of Masts view
7th August 2019 Origin Logistics Launch their 5th Branch Office in Konya view
6th August 2019 Element International & Glogos Arrange Shipment of Tug Boats view
5th August 2019 O&S Shipping Handle Transport of 500tn Super Yacht view
5th August 2019 Wirtz Shipping in Belgium Show their 2019 Work So Far view
1st August 2019 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During July 2019 view
Date Title Actions
29th July 2019 Comprehensive Coverage of Egypt with Interlog view
26th July 2019 Polaris & Goodrich with Shipment of Crawler Cranes view
25th July 2019 Origin Logistics Deliver Machinery for Iron & Steel Plant view
25th July 2019 Polaris with Door-to-Door Handling of OOG Cargo view
24th July 2019 Origin Logistics Share Another Oversized Cargo Delivery view
24th July 2019 Europe Cargo in Belgium Report their Latest Shipment view
23rd July 2019 Origin Logistics Handle 40tn Cutting Machine in Turkey view
23rd July 2019 MARILOGINSA in Ecuador Share their Case Study Video! view
22nd July 2019 Afriguide Logistics with Used Mining Haul Trucks Exported to Australia view
22nd July 2019 C.H. Robinson Provides Expert Transportation of Cold Box & Module view
17th July 2019 BEC Scam Flyer to Circulate Around Your Office view
17th July 2019 MARILOGINSA are Oil & Gas Specialists in Ecuador view
15th July 2019 Centauro Argentina with Shipments of Turbines for Hydroelectric Projects view
15th July 2019 Three PCN Members Coordinate for Important Project view
12th July 2019 Vangard Logistics Announce Move to New Office view
12th July 2019 Europe Cargo with Loading of Pipes view
11th July 2019 First Global Logistics Assist with AFCON2019 in Egypt view
11th July 2019 Megalift Deliver for a New Industrial Gas Plant in Malaysia view
8th July 2019 Welcoming Experts in West Africa: OMA Group view
5th July 2019 TransOcean with Transport of High-Value Cargo from China view
5th July 2019 CEA Vietnam Handle Project Cargo Bound for New Zealand view
4th July 2019 TransOcean Move Mine Machinery by Rail from China to Hungary view
3rd July 2019 GRUBER Handle Heavy Unit Assisted by Thunderbolt Global view
1st July 2019 July 2019 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
1st July 2019 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During June 2019 view
Date Title Actions
26th June 2019 Anker & LEMAN with Another Shipment of Pipes Coils view
25th June 2019 Anker Deliver Power Generator in Colombia for Gebrüder Weiss view
24th June 2019 Another Successful Project Handled by Cuchi Shipping view
24th June 2019 C.H. Robinson Moves Transformers Using Jack & Slide Method view
19th June 2019 Cuchi Shipping Handle Transport of Waste Heat Recovery Unit view
18th June 2019 CEA Vietnam Complete Import Project in Conjunction with Gebrüder Weiss view
17th June 2019 Coordinadora Managing Project with Naigai Trans view
14th June 2019 SPC Logistics with Delivery of 5 Transformers view
13th June 2019 PCN has been shortlisted for 2 HLPFI Heavy Lift Awards! view
13th June 2019 C.H. Robinson & Actanis Project Cargo Arrange Transport of Large Tank view
12th June 2019 Masstrans Proves Their Efficiency by Handling Transformers for Power Project view
6th June 2019 ABL & CTO Ship Brewery Equipment from Belgium to Brazil view
5th June 2019 Covering the Length & Breadth of Ghana - BAJ Freight & Logistics view
5th June 2019 New for 2019! 4 x Infovideo Sessions view
3rd June 2019 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During May 2019 view
Date Title Actions
31st May 2019 C.H. Robinson Move Very Large Natural Gas Equipment view
28th May 2019 BATI Group Announce New Brand Identity & Logo view
24th May 2019 A Professional, Enthusiastic & Innovative Team at Panda Logistics view
23rd May 2019 Central Oceans Launch Newly Redesigned Website view
22nd May 2019 Altus Norway Complete Loading & Shipping of Gas Modules view
17th May 2019 C.H. Robinson Ensures Smooth Transportation of Huge Tanks view
17th May 2019 NATCO Complete Shipment of 346tn Transformer view
16th May 2019 CEA Projects Vietnam Handle Specialised Tank view
16th May 2019 Convoy Logistics Providers Collaborate with PCN Members for Important Project view
15th May 2019 Sovereign Logistics with Ongoing Project for Cement Plant view
10th May 2019 EXG Handle Breakbulk Shipment of 850 Large Pipes view
9th May 2019 OLA Groups Logistics Arrange Shipping of 10 Concrete Mixer Sets view
9th May 2019 CTO do Brasil Handle Crane Shipment to China view
7th May 2019 C.H. Robinson Deliver Wind Farm Upgrade in Difficult Conditions view
2nd May 2019 M-Star Announce New Corporate Project Division view
2nd May 2019 DC Logistics Brasil Handle Project Cargo Shipment from Italy view
1st May 2019 May 2019 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
1st May 2019 Star Shipping in Pakistan Featured in HLPFI view
1st May 2019 Gulf Agency Services Handle Difficult Loading in Djibouti view
1st May 2019 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During April 2019 view
Date Title Actions
30th April 2019 EXG Successfully Move Vaporizer in India for C.H. Robinson view
29th April 2019 MGL Handle Project Cargo Air Shipment to Germany view
29th April 2019 Fortune International & CMX Global Transferring Entire Plant view
24th April 2019 First Global & Central Oceans UK Deliver Oversized Furnace view
24th April 2019 Realco Handle Project Cargo from Qingdao to Kaohsiung view
23rd April 2019 Paolo Federici of Fortune International Featured in HLPFI view
23rd April 2019 Procam Logistics Efficiently Scale Arduous Terrain view
18th April 2019 OLA Groups Arrange Transport of 18 Trucks by Breakbulk view
17th April 2019 C.H. Robinson Transport Feed Processors to Australia view
17th April 2019 Origin Logistics Work with Conveyor Logistics on UN Project view
16th April 2019 Translogistics & the 2019 Pan American Games in Peru view
15th April 2019 Origin Logistics Launch New Office in Ankara view
10th April 2019 C.H. Robinson Expertly Coordinates a Timely Delivery view
4th April 2019 Centauro Appointed Logistics Operator for Large-Scale Power Plant Project view
2nd April 2019 Europe Cargo Handle Shipment of Excavator to Fremantle view
1st April 2019 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During March 2019 view
Date Title Actions
27th March 2019 BATI Group Invest in Fleet of Special Equipment view
26th March 2019 M-Star Freight Services Ship Reactor for EPC Contractor view
26th March 2019 GRUBER & Centauro Collaborate for Project 'MG ALAS' view
22nd March 2019 NATCO SA are Fulfilling Challenging Requirements in South Africa view
22nd March 2019 BATI Group Transports Stadium for World Cup in Qatar view
11th March 2019 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During February 2019 view
7th March 2019 C.H. Robinson Overcomes Challenges to Move Compressors from Calgary to Colorado view
4th March 2019 Vangard Logistics with 310 MT Heat Transformer Shipment view
1st March 2019 March 2019 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
Date Title Actions
25th February 2019 PCN Raises $5240 for the EDPD Project in Costa Rica view
22nd February 2019 C.H. Robinson’s Expertise Simplifies a Large Locomotive Move view
21st February 2019 Origin Logistics with Multiple Project Cargo view
21st February 2019 Star Shipping Launch Land Route Survey Service view
20th February 2019 Procam Wins "Achievement in Services to Railways" Award view
20th February 2019 Zero Time Services Transport Ironwood from Russia to Cyprus view
13th February 2019 Sadleirs Move Demobilised Vessel from Fremantle to Singapore view
12th February 2019 Star Shipping Attend 8th International Maritime Conference view
12th February 2019 Sadleirs Global Logistics Move Cable Reel to Malaysia view
10th February 2019 Star Shipping Launch Packing & Moving Services view
9th February 2019 Sovereign Logistics Win Grinding Machinery Shipment view
7th February 2019 Freightplus (Australia) Have a Passion for Shipping Difficult Cargo! view
7th February 2019 EXG with Air Charter Shipment from Mumbai to Jakarta view
6th February 2019 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During January 2019 view
6th February 2019 C.H. Robinson with Mass Cooler Shipment to Australia view
5th February 2019 CTO do Brasil Ship Excavator from Brazil to China view
5th February 2019 BATI Group with Yacht Launch view
4th February 2019 M-Star Freight Services with World-Wide Shipments view
1st February 2019 BATI Group with Air & Sea Charter for Diesel Pumps view
Date Title Actions
31st January 2019 BATI Group Celebrate 2019 in the Port view
30th January 2019 Goodrich with Massive Multi-Modal Crane Transport view
29th January 2019 BHA as Logistics Operator for Sport Events view
29th January 2019 DC Logistics Brasil Contributes to a Better World view
28th January 2019 Star Shipping with Offshore Project Cargo view
28th January 2019 SPC Logistics with Hoyer Representation view
25th January 2019 Star Shipping with Break Bulk Shipment to Tanzania view
25th January 2019 GRUBER with Innovative New Digital Platform view
22nd January 2019 ABL with Successful Project Delivery to Germany view
22nd January 2019 MGL Cargo Services find Consecutive Success on Production Line view
22nd January 2019 Welcoming Goodrich Logistics in West Africa! view
21st January 2019 ScanMarine with 60 Ton Transport of Machinery view
21st January 2019 Fortune & Gebruder Weiss with Collaborative Transportation view
18th January 2019 C.H. Robinson Oversee U.S. Wind Farm Deliveries view
16th January 2019 Polaris Shipping with Several Project Cargo view
15th January 2019 Procam Wins Excellence & Leadership Awards view
11th January 2019 Star Shipping Handle Hydraulic Excavator Shipment view
8th January 2019 Professional Online Training Provided by PCN view
7th January 2019 C.H. Robinson Enable Urgent Air Shipment to China view
4th January 2019 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During December 2018 view
3rd January 2019 Tera Shipping with Multiple Large Project Cargo view
2nd January 2019 Perfect Logistics Management from Star Shipping in Pakistan view
1st January 2019 January 2019 issue of our Digital Newsletter ... and a New Year. view
Date Title Actions
29th December 2018 ATLAS with Execution of Two Major Projects view
29th December 2018 EXG Complete Multimodal Transportation from Bangalore to China view
24th December 2018 MGL Cargo Services & Gebrüder Weiss Collaborate on Production Line view
19th December 2018 C.H. Robinson with Successful Rail Shipments across the United States view
18th December 2018 Glogos & Breakbulk with Cooperative Transport of Salt Harvester view
18th December 2018 Over 5 Decades of Project Cargo Handling at Al Bader Shipping view
17th December 2018 First Global Logistics with Drilling Equipment From Egypt to Croatia view
14th December 2018 Sovereign Logistics with Multiple Project Cargo view
10th December 2018 Souvenir Brochure of our Recent 2018 Annual Meeting view
10th December 2018 Procam Logistics Handle Break-Bulk Cargo from China to India view
6th December 2018 EXG Employees Co-op Credit Society Celebrate 35th Anniversary view
4th December 2018 BATI with Several Successful Project Cargo view
3rd December 2018 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During November 2018 view
Date Title Actions
26th November 2018 C.H. Robinson Solve Extensive Project Cargo from China to Ohio view
26th November 2018 PCN Joins Fight to Battle Plastic Pollution at their 8th Annual Summit view
22nd November 2018 2018 Annual Summit Twitter Photo Competition Entries! view
21st November 2018 3p Logistics with Successful Project Cargo view
21st November 2018 JSL Global with Transportation & Installation of Transformers view
21st November 2018 Procam Transport Imported Shunt Reactors view
21st November 2018 Gulf Agency Services Discharge Turbine Runner view
20th November 2018 Topline Handles Shipment from China to India view
19th November 2018 CTO do Brasil Ship Heavy-Duty Module to Chile view
14th November 2018 Anker Logistica Collaborate on Several Successful Project Cargo view
13th November 2018 C.H. Robinson Successfully Completes Challenging Project Cargo view
12th November 2018 Express Global Logistics Complete Generator Shipment from Shanghai to India view
9th November 2018 Farcont Completes Multiple Projects in Ukraine and India view
8th November 2018 Cuchi Shipping Move Steel Factory view
7th November 2018 Cuchi Shipping with Transport of Agriculture Machines view
7th November 2018 Livo Logistics Execute Complex Multimodal Project view
6th November 2018 Cuchi Shipping Handle Transport of Oil Well Equipment view
1st November 2018 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During October 2018 view
1st November 2018 W.I.S. Ship Injection Compressors from Italy to Kazakhstan view
1st November 2018 An Impressive Range of Tailored Services at Bee Logistics view
Date Title Actions
31st October 2018 MIS Perform Lifting & Installation of Large Glass Panel view
30th October 2018 BATI Keeping Very Busy with Successful Project After Project view
30th October 2018 Polaris Handle Transport of Huge Fish Tank in Dubai view
26th October 2018 PCN Announces Partnership with WiseTech Global view
25th October 2018 W.I.S. with Water Stripper Shipment from Italy to Kazakhstan view
24th October 2018 DC Logistics Brasil Ship 51' Yacht to the U.S.A. view
22nd October 2018 Rachel Crawford elected a Chartered Fellow of CILT view
20th October 2018 CLS overcomes obstacles in shipment from Rotterdam to Texas view
20th October 2018 W.I.S. successfully ship sub-station from Italy to Kazakhstan view
18th October 2018 Tera Shipping deliver tanker from Ipoh to Johor view
18th October 2018 C.H. Robinson successfully move Pressure Vessel from Texas to U.K. view
17th October 2018 W.I.S. handle heavy Boiler Shipment from Italy to Kazakhstan view
15th October 2018 Express Global Logistics, India handles two 125 MVA Transformers at Mumbai Port view
15th October 2018 Cranes Shipping from Egypt to Buenos Aires, Argentina view
12th October 2018 Megalift’s New 1,440 MW Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine Power Project view
10th October 2018 A Unique Footprint Across Africa with Freight in Time view
8th October 2018 Khaled Sabry of First Global Logistics Elected as EIFFA Vice-President view
5th October 2018 BATI Joins the Preparations for the World Cup 2022 in Qatar view
5th October 2018 ABL with Project Movement from Belgium to Virginia, USA view
4th October 2018 Columbia Pro-Rail Transport Services Load Steel Plates in Shanghai view
4th October 2018 Pre-Planning & Transit Arrangements Go Hand-in-Hand at C.H. Robinson view
2nd October 2018 CTO do Brasil Ship Paver to India view
1st October 2018 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During September 2018 view
Date Title Actions
24th September 2018 Nailesh Gandhi Named 'Dynamic Logistics Professional of the Year' at MALA 2018 view
19th September 2018 BATI Ship Power Plant from Turkey to Tunisia view
18th September 2018 Delta Maritime Take Receipt of Windmill Blades in Greece view
17th September 2018 M-Star Handles Classic Cars for Rally in Georgia view
13th September 2018 BATI with Urgent Shipment of 27 Range Rovers view
12th September 2018 Safesea Complete Special Project with Submersible Vessel view
11th September 2018 Gebruder Weiss Handles Breakbulk on a Container Ship view
10th September 2018 Polaris are Ready to Handle Logistically Complex Projects view
10th September 2018 GRUBER & Gebrüder Weiss Complete Transport of Cooler view
7th September 2018 FCI Handle Multimodal Transport from Croatia to France view
7th September 2018 GRUBER Logistics Deliver by Barge in Germany view
6th September 2018 GRUBER Ships 4 Heavy Wooden Cases from Germany to India view
5th September 2018 BATI & Hacklin Get Together to Carry Mining Equipment view
5th September 2018 Origin Logistics with Transshipment of Project Cargo in Derince view
4th September 2018 Vote for Fortune International in the Breakbulk 'People Make it Happen' Photo Contest view
3rd September 2018 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During August 2018 view
1st September 2018 September 2018 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
Date Title Actions
30th August 2018 Procam Executes Transportation of LP Rotors view
30th August 2018 CTO do Brasil Ship 28 CAT Trucks & Excavators to the UAE view
29th August 2018 ScanMarine Estonia Arrange Transport of Drilling Machine view
29th August 2018 TransOcean with Transport of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine view
28th August 2018 Zero Time Services Handle Logistics for Nikos Vertis Concert view
24th August 2018 Upcargo Providing Integral Logistics & Solutions for New Project view
24th August 2018 DC Logistics Brasil Handles Sensitive Old Firetrucks view
23rd August 2018 Tera Projects Handle Transport of 35tn Tank in Malaysia view
23rd August 2018 ABL & FREJA Handle Absorbing Tower view
22nd August 2018 Tera Projects Deliver Army Trucks in Malaysia view
21st August 2018 Tera Projects with Challenging Delivery in Malaysia view
21st August 2018 FREJA and CF&S Join Forces for Project Cargo Transport view
17th August 2018 Tera Projects Handles Factory Relocation in Malaysia view
16th August 2018 Altus Norway Performs for Green Technology Company view
15th August 2018 Tera Projects with Shipment of Tanks from Malaysia to Algeria view
15th August 2018 Megalift Handles Transport of 4 Oil & Gas Loading Arms view
13th August 2018 Project Forwarding Specialists in Costa Rica - SPC Logistics view
10th August 2018 OLA Groups with Another Breakbulk Shipment of Crawler Crane view
9th August 2018 AAI + Peers Inc. Deliver Transformer in the Philippines view
8th August 2018 Glogos in Russia Deliver Oversized Cargo with Eastern Shipping view
8th August 2018 Fortune International Show their Problem-Solving Expertise view
8th August 2018 Evidence Audit 2018 view
7th August 2018 PCN Featured in HLPFI Article 'Nurturing Skills to Retain Your Staff' view
6th August 2018 W.I.S. with Full Chartered River Vessel of Pipes view
3rd August 2018 EXG Executes Transport of 3 Transformers in India view
2nd August 2018 W.I.S. Shipping Nickel Steel Plates for Tengiz Oilfield view
1st August 2018 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During July 2018 view
Date Title Actions
28th July 2018 Specialists in Large Project Logistics - SCACLI in Canada view
27th July 2018 W.I.S. with Pipe Shipments from Italy to Russia view
27th July 2018 Ryano Complete Demobilisation of Power Plants view
25th July 2018 Heavy Team - A Children's Book on Oversized & Heavy Cargo! view
24th July 2018 Procam Successfully Completes a Challenging Installation view
23rd July 2018 Hannational Handle Transport of Reach Stacker in China view
19th July 2018 M-Star Announce Activities in the Central Asia Region view
19th July 2018 C.H. Robinson Successfully Deliver Drill Rig to the Czech Republic view
18th July 2018 Europe Cargo Ship 1,100tn of Steel Plates to Hamad Port view
17th July 2018 RETEMS Logistics Engineer Complete Complex Logistics Programs view
16th July 2018 First Global Logistics Ship Crane Parts to Belgium view
13th July 2018 Khimji Ramdas Deliver Heat Recovery Steam Generators in Oman view
12th July 2018 ATLAS Export Industrial Cleaning Equipment to Spain view
11th July 2018 Costa Rica - an Apt & Inspiring Country to Host our Meeting view
10th July 2018 ATLAS Assist in Range Rover Discovery Show view
9th July 2018 Zero Time Services Transport Supercars for Gumball Rally view
6th July 2018 C.H. Robinson with Movement of Seismic Vibrator Buggies view
5th July 2018 CTO Successfully Handles Transfer of 313tn MHC view
2nd July 2018 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During June 2018 view
2nd July 2018 Trouble-Free Transport from Monnard in Germany view
1st July 2018 July 2018 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
Date Title Actions
25th June 2018 OLA Groups Arrange Shipping of 36 Concrete Mixer Trucks view
21st June 2018 Project Specialists, Central Oceans Add UK Membership view
21st June 2018 Megalift Embarks on New Petrochemical Project in Malaysia view
20th June 2018 C.H. Robinson Ship Flare Gas Tip to Malaysia view
19th June 2018 Procam Transports OOG Oil & Gas Cargo Across India view
15th June 2018 GRUBER Logistics Handle Transport of 2 Kiln Tyres view
7th June 2018 DC Logistics Brasil Ships Machinery to Hawaii view
7th June 2018 A History of Well-Executed Projects from Tera Projects & Shipping view
1st June 2018 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During May 2018 view
Date Title Actions
31st May 2018 Procam Delivers Defence Cargo from India to the UK view
30th May 2018 EXG Execute Heavy Lift Transport from India to Senegal view
25th May 2018 FCI Handle Shipment of 115tn MAN Motor view
24th May 2018 Wirtz Shipping Handle 2 Rotors from Belgium to France view
23rd May 2018 Titan Project & Logistic Announce New Office in Milan view
21st May 2018 Stewart Corporation Executes Full Shipload for UN Consignment view
16th May 2018 C.H. Robinson with Successful Transport of Repair Trucks from Puerto Rico view
15th May 2018 CF&S Transports New Konecranes Container Loader by Rail view
11th May 2018 CTO do Brasil Handle RORO Shipment view
9th May 2018 No Load is Too Heavy or Long for Royal Cargo Vietnam view
8th May 2018 OLA Arrange Breakbulk Shipping of Rotary Drilling Rigs view
4th May 2018 G.P. Coordinamento Servizi (W.I.S.) with Big Delivery in Italy view
3rd May 2018 GRUBER Logistics Move Heavy Heat Exchangers to Japan view
2nd May 2018 Convoy Logistics Providers Launch their Corporate Newsletter view
2nd May 2018 CTO do Brasil Ship Another 25 CAT Excavators to China view
1st May 2018 May 2018 Issue of our Digital Newsletter view
1st May 2018 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During April 2018 view
Date Title Actions
27th April 2018 CTO do Brasil Ship 35 CAT Trucks & Excavators to South Africa view
24th April 2018 Delta Maritime with Land & Port Logistics in Thessaloniki view
23rd April 2018 Rolando Alvarez of Upcargo on FIATA Foundation Vocational Training Board view
20th April 2018 C.H. Robinson Plans & Executes Shipping of Specialised Cargo view
19th April 2018 Rolando Alvarez of Upcargo is Named the New President of APAC view
17th April 2018 EXG Shortlisted in Breakbulk Waterworld Photo Contest view
11th April 2018 Megalift Covers 300km to Deliver Two Transformers view
6th April 2018 DC Logistics Brasil with Complete Ceramic Tile Polishing Machine Shipment view
5th April 2018 CF&S Transporting 50 Sampo Harvesters by Rail view
4th April 2018 Europe Cargo Arranges the Double Port-Call of MV. Rolldock Storm view
3rd April 2018 EXG Awarded 'Project Cargo Forwarder of the Year' at Gujarat Junction Awards 2018 view
3rd April 2018 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During March 2018 view
2nd April 2018 Europe Cargo Arrange Import of Vintage Ferrari view
Date Title Actions
30th March 2018 PCIT Deliver Portable Cabins to Kabul view
29th March 2018 RSL Freight are Ready to take on Difficult Tasks view
28th March 2018 Europe Cargo Handle Hitachi Crane view
27th March 2018 Anker & LEMAN with Pipe Shipments view
26th March 2018 Europe Cargo Load MV. Rochefort at Antwerp Port view
22nd March 2018 Delta Maritime Continue Work on TAP Project view
20th March 2018 AAI + Peers Complete 2nd Part of Transformer Delivery Project view
19th March 2018 C.H. Robinson Show Diligence & Excellent Customer Service in Cross-Border Shipment view
16th March 2018 GRUBER in Bremen Handle Heavy Loads from Kehl to Porto Marghera view
15th March 2018 All Seas Shipping Agency Find Efficient Solutions view
14th March 2018 PCN Staff Exchange Program view
12th March 2018 Actanis are Completely Focused on Project Cargo view
12th March 2018 Tandem Logistics Move 95tn Piece from Tunisia to South Korea view
9th March 2018 First Global Logistics Deliver for the Oil & Gas Sector view
7th March 2018 FREJA & GRUBER Handle Generating Sets view
7th March 2018 Fortune & Actanis Load Project Cargo Like a Game of Tetris! view
6th March 2018 Specialised Transportation Solutions from CHS in Finland view
5th March 2018 Origin Logistics Deliver to 4 Different Clients in Turkey view
2nd March 2018 Malai Consolidators in Tanzania Share Photos of Recent Projects view
1st March 2018 C.H. Robinson Project Logistics with Innovative Loading Solution view
1st March 2018 March 2018 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
1st March 2018 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During February 2018 view
Date Title Actions
28th February 2018 BATI with Ship-to-Ship Operation for TANAP Project view
22nd February 2018 Raising Funds for the EDPD Project in Costa Rica view
22nd February 2018 BATI Group Delivers Large FOC Reels for TANAP Project view
21st February 2018 Hacklin Logistics Deliver Through Heavy Snow view
21st February 2018 Afriguide Export Mining Trucks from South Africa to Indonesia view
20th February 2018 Thunderbolt with Movement of Industrial Press Component in the USA view
20th February 2018 Nonpareil Handle Delivery of Steel Storage Tank view
19th February 2018 O&S Welcomes Super Servant 4 to Valletta for Successful Floating Operation view
19th February 2018 AAI + Peers Inc with Transformer Delivery in the Philippines view
16th February 2018 Wirtz Shipping in Belgium Showcase their Varied 2017 Work view
16th February 2018 Paragon Shipping & Logistics Hold their 7th Annual Meeting view
15th February 2018 Livo Logistics Executing Multimodal Move of 2 Oversized Heaters view
15th February 2018 OLA Groups & Nisshin Transportation Arrange Urgent Air Shipment view
15th February 2018 Wilhelmsen Handles 23,400frt of Port Handling Equipment view
14th February 2018 DC Logistics Handle Transport of 10 Jabuticaba Trees view
9th February 2018 Integral Chile Certified for Medicinal Products Transportation view
7th February 2018 C.H. Robinson Facilitates Specialised Shipment of Commodity Processing Tanks view
5th February 2018 Invitation from GRUBER to Brunch at Breakbulk Europe 2018 in Bremen view
1st February 2018 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During January 2018 view
1st February 2018 First Global Logistics with Project for the Oil & Gas Industry view
Date Title Actions
31st January 2018 Element Handle 198tns of Machinery Parts with GRUBER view
30th January 2018 Megalift Handles OOG Cargo from Europe to Labuan in Malaysia view
23rd January 2018 Element Logistics Organise Shipping of Fire Trucks view
16th January 2018 The Latest Graduate from our PCN eLearning Platform view
15th January 2018 M-Star Freight Services manage transport of 137T & 80T Heat Exchange Reformers view
15th January 2018 Centauro and Europe Cargo work together for the Total Austral Refinery in Argentina view
12th January 2018 Procam Logistics & ABL NV move 4 x 600 T Second Hand Press Machines view
11th January 2018 Extensive Knowledge & Customised Solutions at COMEXAS Ghana view
10th January 2018 A 'One-Stop' Solution from Stewart Corporation in Liberia view
4th January 2018 Tandem Logistics with Breakbulk Shipment from India to Tunisia view
2nd January 2018 Procam Successfully Complete Project Cargo Move to Vietnam view
2nd January 2018 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During December 2017 view
1st January 2018 January 2018 issue of our Digital Newsletter Issued view
Date Title Actions
28th December 2017 ATLAS Announce ISO 9001 Certification view
22nd December 2017 Wilhelmsen UAE Handle 2nd Return Shipment to Italy view
21st December 2017 Fortune Italy Coordinate with C.H. Robinson & Cuchi Shipping on Machinery Shipment view
20th December 2017 DC Logistics Brasil Move 45.5tn Dryer to Ecuador view
15th December 2017 EXG Recognised at Dun & Bradstreet SME Business Excellence Awards 2017 view
13th December 2017 Procam Logistics Handle Excavators from India to Syria view
13th December 2017 C.H. Robinson & Procam Deliver to South Korea view
11th December 2017 CF&S Transport Metal Sheets by Rail view
8th December 2017 EXG Successfully Move Brick Manufacturing Press view
8th December 2017 DC Logistics Recognised at the 2017 Infraero's Logistics Efficiency Awards view
6th December 2017 Cuchi Shipping with Transportation of Excavators view
4th December 2017 HLPFI Article on our Online Training & How to Sign Up view
4th December 2017 M-Star Deliver Oil Field Equipment in Oman view
1st December 2017 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During November 2017 view
1st December 2017 HLPFI Special Subscription Offer to PCN Members! view
Date Title Actions
28th November 2017 Masstrans Complete Project Movement in the UAE view
27th November 2017 Innovative & Proactive Solutions at Offshore Global Logistics view
24th November 2017 C.H. Robinson Deliver 49 Complete Wind Turbines view
24th November 2017 Project Cargo Network Raises $4595 for the Rescue at Sea Appeal view
23rd November 2017 Express Global Logistics Move RTG Cranes in India view
23rd November 2017 Summary of 7th Annual Summit held in Prague view
22nd November 2017 2017 Annual Summit Twitter Competition Entries! view
20th November 2017 WSS Team Supports Major Refinery Expansion Project in Oman view
17th November 2017 Cuchi Shipping Handle Over-Length Cargo in Vietnam view
17th November 2017 WSS & Sadleirs with Time Bound Movements from Australia to the UAE view
16th November 2017 EXG Successfully Complete Handling of Autoclaves view
15th November 2017 WSS Project Team Handles Movement of Delicate Packaging Machine view
14th November 2017 EXG Successfully Complete Challenging Shipment in India view
10th November 2017 CF&S Present their Own Rolling Stock and High & Heavy Transport Services view
9th November 2017 Specialised in Project Cargo - PCIT in Pakistan & Afghanistan view
8th November 2017 WFS in Namibia are Specifically Geared for Large Project Requirements view
7th November 2017 OLA Groups Logistics Handle Shipping of Another Crawler Crane view
6th November 2017 Delta Maritime with Transport & Installation of Compressors & Gas Turbines view
3rd November 2017 The Silk Road - Nunner Logistics Know the Way! view
3rd November 2017 Cuchi Shipping with Transport of Heat Exchanger Cold Boxes view
2nd November 2017 FCI Handle Shipments to Iraq for Oil Company view
2nd November 2017 Megalift Malaysia Share their Latest Newsletter view
1st November 2017 November 2017 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
1st November 2017 Impressive Project Experience from Altus Norway view
1st November 2017 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During October 2017 view
Date Title Actions
31st October 2017 Nunner Logistics - Nobody Goes Further! view
31st October 2017 Cuchi Shipping with Transportation of Steam Turbine & Generator view
26th October 2017 24 Years of Project Cargo & Heavy Shipments at DC Logistics view
24th October 2017 First Global Logistics with Movement for the Oil & Gas Industry view
19th October 2017 BATI Celebrate their 25th Year Anniversary! view
18th October 2017 WSS UAE Handle Shipping of Construction Equipment view
18th October 2017 First Global Logistics Wins CCC Project Contract from Egypt to Algeria view
17th October 2017 CF&S Transport CAT and Komatsu Machines by Rail view
17th October 2017 Fortune International & Europe Cargo Cooperating on Pipe Project view
16th October 2017 A Team of Professional Experts at MMP Logistics view
13th October 2017 Successful ISO 14001 Approval for First Global Logistics in Egypt view
12th October 2017 CTO do Brasil Ship Caterpillar Trucks to China view
11th October 2017 OLA Arrange Breakbulk Shipment of Crawler Crane view
6th October 2017 CEA Handle Transportation of Large Chemical Tank & Trailer view
2nd October 2017 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During September 2017 view
Date Title Actions
27th September 2017 PGS Logistics with Breakbulk Shipment to Brazil view
26th September 2017 New Series of Articles called 'Insights' in our Digital Newsletter view
25th September 2017 Procam Logistics Awarded 'Project Mover of the Year' at MALA view
22nd September 2017 Express Global Logistics Complete Transportation of Convection Module view
21st September 2017 GRUBER Handles Project Shipment to Siberia by Rail view
19th September 2017 Fortune & Gebrüder Weiss Transport 60tn Rotor view
18th September 2017 EXG Complete Transportation of Large Absorber in India view
15th September 2017 CMA CGM Project Cargo Division to be Guest Speakers at our 2017 Annual Summit view
14th September 2017 FREJA Handle Cargo for New Plant in Finland view
11th September 2017 Khimji Ramdas Deliver Rig & Accessories in Oman view
8th September 2017 W.I.S. Transports OOG Cargo to Kazakhstan view
8th September 2017 Kamor Logistics Delivering Tunnel Boring Machines to Tel Aviv view
7th September 2017 W.I.S. are Chartering Vessels for Large Pipes Project view
7th September 2017 Anker & LEMAN Ship Pipe Coils from the USA to Colombia view
6th September 2017 W.I.S. with OOG Shipment from Italy to South Korea view
5th September 2017 M-Star Organise Shipments of 'Grabs' to Worldwide Destinations view
1st September 2017 September 2017 Digital Newsletter view
1st September 2017 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During August 2017 view
Date Title Actions
30th August 2017 Renewal of our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certification view
30th August 2017 WSS UAE with Return Shipment of Rail Wagon Vacuum System view
29th August 2017 Afriguide Handles Delivery of Heat Recovery Steam Generator System view
29th August 2017 PCN Head Office’s Thoughts on Training Programs to the Industry view
25th August 2017 Kabir Ahmed at Conveyor Elected to BAFFA Board of Directors view
24th August 2017 Livo Logistics with Multimodal Transport of Filter Separator Sets view
24th August 2017 Glogos Deliver Wind Turbines to Ulyanovsk view
22nd August 2017 No Project is Too Big for ATLAS in Kuwait view
18th August 2017 WSS Handles Government-Owned MHE at UAE view
16th August 2017 C.H. Robinson Project Logistics Joins Europe Cargo to Make Out-of-Gauge Delivery view
14th August 2017 Fortune & FCI Move Compressors from Italy to Abu Dhabi view
11th August 2017 Fortune & BATI with Regular Traffic of Italian Trucks view
9th August 2017 Recruiting, Retaining & Training Staff in Project Logistics view
8th August 2017 Titan and Curtis & Lees Handle RORO Shipment view
4th August 2017 Titan Ship Tannery Machinery from Italy to India view
4th August 2017 CF&S Transport Crane Parts by Railway view
3rd August 2017 FREJA Handle Transport of Transformers view
2nd August 2017 Europe Cargo Discharge Large Pipes for New Jetty view
1st August 2017 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During July 2017 view
Date Title Actions
28th July 2017 Railway Train Compartments Shipped from India to Mexico by Vangard view
28th July 2017 Nonpareil Awarded Most Outstanding Customs Broker 2017 by the PRC view
27th July 2017 Centauro & Topline Handle Oversized Equipment for the Industrial Sector view
20th July 2017 Titan Handle Shipment from Italy to the USA view
19th July 2017 Livo Logistics Execute Multimodal Transport of Stabilizer Plants view
18th July 2017 Megalift Malaysia Transports Oversized & Heavy Power Plant Cargo view
17th July 2017 OLA Report Breakbulk Transport of Rotary Drilling Rigs view
14th July 2017 Intertransport GRUBER & Gold Star Arrange Transport of Generators view
13th July 2017 Sovereign Logistics with Delivery of GRT Tank view
11th July 2017 Anker Deliver 48 Rolls of Pipes from the USA to Colombia view
10th July 2017 Express Global Logistics Handles RORO Cargo at Chennai Port view
7th July 2017 OLA Arrange RORO Shipping of Truck Cranes view
5th July 2017 Goodrich & Aryamasir with Door-to-Door Movement view
4th July 2017 WSS & Europe Cargo with Time Bound Shipment from Belgium to the UAE view
4th July 2017 Multipurpose & Heavy-Lift Transportation Outlook for PCN: 2Q17 view
3rd July 2017 FCI Ship Compressors from France to Abu Dhabi view
3rd July 2017 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During June 2017 view
1st July 2017 July 2017 Digital Newsletter view
Date Title Actions
30th June 2017 Europe Cargo with Submergible Vessel Project in Belgium view
30th June 2017 PCN Releases New Bonus Module: LOAD OUTS view
29th June 2017 CMX & Fortune Handle Shipment of Tube Manufacturing Mill view
27th June 2017 Delta Maritime in Urgent OOG Transshipment to Albania view
19th June 2017 Goodrich with Air Charters from the UAE to Kazakhstan view
14th June 2017 2017 Annual Summit: Raising Funds for the Rescue at Sea Appeal Run by Save the Children view
8th June 2017 Nonpareil Deliver Equipment in Cooperation with Several PCN Members view
7th June 2017 Heavy, Oversized & Complicated Gets Special Attention at PGS in Hong Kong view
7th June 2017 Glogos Launch Additional Black Sea Liner Activities view
6th June 2017 First Global Logistics with Door-to-Door Shipping of Production Line Machinery view
6th June 2017 Nonpareil & TransOcean Deliver Kiln Shell for Manufacturing Company view
6th June 2017 Safesea Named as Finalists for Lloyds List 'Ship Operator of the Year' view
5th June 2017 Successful Delivery from Nonpareil International & Double Star view
3rd June 2017 PCN Launches Highly Anticipated New eLearning Platform view
2nd June 2017 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During May 2017 view
2nd June 2017 The Goodrich Team are 'Passionate about Projects' view
Date Title Actions
30th May 2017 Nonpareil & Intertransport GRUBER Handle Urgent Transport for Cement Plant view
26th May 2017 Sadleirs Oversee Discharge Operations at Henderson Port view
24th May 2017 Vangard Logistics Handle Challenging Shipment of Bulk Tank view
23rd May 2017 FREJA Successfully Handle Another Transport of Evaporation Units view
22nd May 2017 Farcont Complete Transportation of Dissembled Oil Rigs from China to Ukraine view
18th May 2017 An Expert Team & Proven Track Record at JSL Global in Qatar view
18th May 2017 Megalift Join PCN with an Impressive Track Record of Projects view
17th May 2017 CF&S Specialise in Transporting Exceptional Cargo view
16th May 2017 Gulf Agency Services Discharge 15 Transformers in Djibouti view
11th May 2017 W.I.S. Italy Report the Shipping of Pipes in Huge Ongoing Project view
10th May 2017 Procam Logistics Awarded 'Heavy Lift Achiever of the Year - Inbound Logistics' view
8th May 2017 WSS Handle Shipment of Long Flare Risers from the UAE to Saudi Arabia view
4th May 2017 EXG Wins 'Best Leader in Heavy Lift Sector' at Global Logistics Excellence Awards view
1st May 2017 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During April 2017 view
1st May 2017 May 2017 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
Date Title Actions
28th April 2017 Europe Cargo Ship Yankee Dryer to Colombia view
25th April 2017 Sadleirs Global Logistics Accredited as an 'Australian Trusted Trader' view
25th April 2017 Livo Logistics Specialise in Handling Complex Multimodal Projects view
24th April 2017 Nisshin - Experts in Heavy Cargo Transportation & Installation view
19th April 2017 M-Star Freight Services Deliver Project Cargo for FREJA view
19th April 2017 PCN eLearning Platform: Video Demo and Pre-Orders view
18th April 2017 FREJA Complete Transport of Evaporation Units view
18th April 2017 PCN Casino Night on Sunday 23 April 2017 view
13th April 2017 Delta Maritime with Update on Trans Adriatic Pipeline Project view
11th April 2017 Delta Maritime Deliver OOG Construction Structures to Northern Greece view
11th April 2017 Vangard Logistics Handle Project Shipment of Large Boilers in India view
4th April 2017 Registration is Now Open for our 7th Annual Summit view
3rd April 2017 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During March 2017 view
Date Title Actions
28th March 2017 Centauro & Topline Handle Project Cargo for the Energy Industry view
27th March 2017 Lintas Handle Transport of Aircraft Landing Gears to the UK view
27th March 2017 Hacklin Logistics Showing their Expertise in Moving Cargo to Russia & CIS Countries view
24th March 2017 OLA Logistics Arrange Shipping of Oversized Rotary Drilling Cargo view
22nd March 2017 Express Global Logistics Deliver 6.2m High Cargo to Mumbai Port view
17th March 2017 OLA Logistics Handle Oversized Transport of Truck Cranes view
16th March 2017 Intertransport GRUBER Arrange Transport of Large Tank from Germany to Egypt view
15th March 2017 Topline & Hecksher Successfully Arrange Ocean Transport from China to Poland view
15th March 2017 Recent Projects Efficiently Handled by the Experienced Team at Origin Lojistik view
14th March 2017 Canaan Shipping Smoothly Handle Urgent Transport of Important Cargo view
14th March 2017 Origin Lojistik in Turkey Supporting Worthwhile Causes view
14th March 2017 Express Global Logistics Awarded Cargo Project to South Sudan view
13th March 2017 Recent News from Origin Lojistik in Turkey view
9th March 2017 Breakbulk Transportation Inc. Specialise in the Large & Heavy and Complex & Difficult view
8th March 2017 Vangard Logistics Complete Notable Shipment of Kiln Shell & Pump Truck view
7th March 2017 Hacklin Logistics with Huge Reactor Shipment view
7th March 2017 Extensive Project Capabilities at Origin Lojistik in Turkey view
2nd March 2017 Guangzhou Eversail Logistics Co Ltd are Appointed PCN Membership in China view
2nd March 2017 Khimji Ramdas Provide Specialised Freight Management Solutions for Rig Move view
1st March 2017 March 2017 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
1st March 2017 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During February 2017 view
1st March 2017 Experts in Heavy Haulage Transport - Westdijk Sweden AB view
Date Title Actions
27th February 2017 Express Global Logistics Awarded Certificate of Appreciation from Indian Customs view
24th February 2017 Nunner Logistics Open New Warehouse Facility in the Netherlands view
22nd February 2017 Nunner Logistics in the Netherlands Offer Rail Connections view
22nd February 2017 Express Global Logistics Contributing to a Green India with Solar Projects view
15th February 2017 Conveyor Logistics Handle Over-Dimensional Cargo for Power Station in Bangladesh view
14th February 2017 Express Global Logistics in India Expand Their Fleet view
13th February 2017 MGL Cargo Services Welcomes a New Head of Project Department view
13th February 2017 Nunner Logistics Recognised as 'Best Managed Company' by Deloitte view
8th February 2017 A High Level of Expertise at OLA Logistics view
7th February 2017 FREJA Handle 3 Shipments of Huge Engines from Japan to Europe view
7th February 2017 Ramps Logistics Awarded Exporter of the Year by the Trinidad & Tobago Energy Chamber view
6th February 2017 3 PCN Members Work on Urgent Shipment for Chernobyl Power Plant in Ukraine view
1st February 2017 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During January 2017 view
Date Title Actions
31st January 2017 Translogistics Solution in Peru are Focused on Project Cargo Handling view
30th January 2017 Project Specialists in Israel - Kamor Logistics view
27th January 2017 Photos from Paragon Saudi Services Annual Meeting view
27th January 2017 Introducing COMEXAS Cote D'Ivoire, in the African Industry Since the 1940's view
17th January 2017 Multipurpose & Heavy-Lift Transportation Outlook for Project Cargo Network: 4Q16 view
16th January 2017 Fortune International Transport with Shipment of Turbine & Machinery to India view
13th January 2017 LEMAN USA Opens New Warehouse Facilities in Sturtevant, Wisconsin view
12th January 2017 PCN's New Company Video Showcases Quality, Scale & Specialist Services view
6th January 2017 Delta Maritime & Steder Group Cooperate on Complicated Transshipment at Piraeus Port view
5th January 2017 Hannational Shipping Pride Themselves on Handling Challenging Loads view
4th January 2017 Glogos Complete Transportation of Production Line for Coca-Cola view
4th January 2017 McLarens & M-Star Successfully Handle Shipment from the Netherlands to Sri Lanka view
3rd January 2017 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During December 2016 view
Date Title Actions
24th December 2016 As 2016 draws to a close... view
22nd December 2016 Project Logistics Specialists, ScanMarine in Estonia & Lithuania view
19th December 2016 A Flexible & Committed Team at TransOcean Shipping view
15th December 2016 Express Global Logistics Handle Transportation from Russia to India for the Mining Sector view
14th December 2016 Express Global Logistics Successfully Handle Complex Operations for LPG Tanks view
12th December 2016 Express Global Logistics Honoured with Dun & Bradstreet & RBL Bank SME Business Excellence Award view
7th December 2016 WSS Ship 3 Surface Miners from Oman and the UAE to Bahrain view
7th December 2016 Intertransport GRUBER Deliver the Vatican Christmas Tree! view
2nd December 2016 Titan Ship 'Handle with Care' Wooden Cases from Italy to Singapore view
2nd December 2016 InterMax with Delivery & Installation of Heavy Oversized Machine view
1st December 2016 Titan Project & Logistic Handle 3 Excavators from Italy to Vietnam view
1st December 2016 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During November 2016 view
1st December 2016 3p Logistics & Kentco Logistics Cooperate on Project Move from Poland to the UK view
1st December 2016 Experts in Their Field - Zero Time Services, Cyprus view
Date Title Actions
29th November 2016 Express Global Logistics with Air Freight Shipment of Pipes from India to China view
23rd November 2016 Round-Up of PCN 6th Annual Summit view
18th November 2016 ITS Ship Large Cable Reels to the UAE view
14th November 2016 Express Global Logistics with Challenging Heavy Lift Transformer Movement in India view
9th November 2016 Express Global Logistics Going Green with Electric Forklifts view
8th November 2016 Express Global Logistics Successfully Accomplish Challenging Chiller Erection Project view
7th November 2016 Offering Services at the Highest Level - Hazar Tolkuny in Turkmenistan view
7th November 2016 Express Global Logistics Successfully Handles Project Cargo to Sri Lanka view
5th November 2016 Express Global Logistics & Europe Cargo Execute Heavy Lift Transport from Antwerp to Mumbai view
4th November 2016 OOG Collaboration for First Global Logistics & TANDEM Logistics view
2nd November 2016 Wilhelmsen Complete Movement of Mobile Drilling Unit from Bahrain to Oman view
1st November 2016 November 2016 Edition of our Digital Newsletter view
1st November 2016 Canaan Group in Canada Awarded by Trucking HR as Top Fleet Employers 2016 view
1st November 2016 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During October 2016 view
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27th October 2016 Wirtz Shipping in Belgium Showcase their 2016 Work view
21st October 2016 PCN Coverage in September/October 2016 edition of HLPFI view
20th October 2016 Delta Maritime Delivers Heavy & OOG Equipment in Greece for TAP Pipeline Project view
14th October 2016 Europe Cargo with Incredible Shipment to Japan view
12th October 2016 Urgent Shipment of Generators by Intertransport GRUBER & Gold Star Consulting view
12th October 2016 WSS UAE Project Team Handles Passenger Ferry Boats in Dubai view
6th October 2016 Khimji Ramdas Complete Cross-Border Transport of 2 Sets of Cargo from the UAE to Oman view
4th October 2016 A New Asset to the PCN Network - Thunderbolt Global Logistics in the USA view
3rd October 2016 FREJA Handle Local Transport of Flowrider Unit view
3rd October 2016 Exhibition Collaborations Secured During September 2016 view
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